November 2019 "Follow Me": Lisbon monthly tourist Guide for visitors

Before you visit Lisbon, check "Follow me Lisboa" and discover what´s happening in the Lisboa region during the month of  November. "Follow Me Lisboa" is a monthly tourist Guide for visitors.

A bilingual guide in Spanish/English, and in Portuguese/French, it is a pocket-sized publication containing the main cultural and other events to interest to the tourist and a complete itinerary to museums, monuments, parks, gardens, hotels and restaurants.

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10 things to do and to see in Lisbon 


The Algarve will have the first intercontinental flight between Faro and Toronto, with Air Transat in 2020

The Algarve will have the first intercontinental flight during the high season in 2020, with a flight between Faro and Toronto, with the airline company Air Trasant.

This is an extension of an existing route, which has been operating weekly between 15 January and 28 April, to now include the summer period, with 29 more flights scheduled between 8 May and the end of October. 

Flights operated by the Canadian airline Air Transat depart from Toronto on Tuesday during the winter period, and in the summer operate on Friday with return from Faro on the same day.

The new route will ensure 11 frequencies with an Airbus A330 and 18 frequencies with the new Airbus A321LR, “which was one of the deciding factors that made it possible to extend the connection,” says the Algarve Promotion Bureau - ATA.

Canada is one of the growing markets in the Algarve, having registered in 2018 a 25.7 percent increase in the number of guests and a 20.3 percent increase in overnight stays (reaching a total of 254,000 overnight stays).

ATA points out that during their visit to the Algarve, Canadian tourists tend to “stay for long periods”, which is why this market has begun to gain increased relevance, significantly contributing to “mitigating the seasonality of tourism in the region”.

Source: Algarve Promotion Bureau - ATA

Facebook Community City Guides for Lisbon and Porto

After last year Facebook launched the Facebook Community City Guide from Lisbon, now they have published a new guide dedicated to the city of Porto.

Lisbon Guide:
"With a rich social and urban history, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has become a city that is is full of verve, where new brands are popping up in historical neighbourhoods, creating new hotspots for tourism, business and innovation. To help showcase both sides of Lisbon, we have divided this guide into two: Traditional Lisbon and Contemporary Lisbon...These are the stories of real people, with a passion for art, sports, food, innovation and for the neighbourhoods they live in. People who are divided between past and present, but above all else, as a collective, passionate about Lisbon."

Download the English guide here Download the Portuguese Guide here

Porto Guide: 

"Today, Oporto is a city at a particular buzzing point: it’s a tourist spot beloved by travellers from all over the world and, simultaneously, a space with a complex social and urban history. This guide reflects this day-to-day dichotomy, featuring both the communities that are fervently dedicated to the city’s forgotten history and those looking for the new spaces that are changing it. This project aims to show Oporto through this experience, by showing both of the city’s faces: “Traditional Oporto” and “Trendy Oporto.” It will give you a modern perspective of the city as well as the necessary historical context...Torn between past and future, these communities seek to impact the city in a positive way, always driven by passion for a place called Oporto."

Download the English guide here
Download the Portuguese Guide here

"What Are Facebook Community City Guides?
Billions of people use Facebook every day to connect and build communities. On this website you will find city guides, which have been created by people who have built communities, about their home cities, using Facebook Groups. All the recommendations and words are those of the people who run the local Groups, giving their unique local perspectives about the things they love in their city."

(Source: Facebook Community City Guides site)


Ryanair lauches new Terceira route to London Stansted in the UK

Ryanair, announced a new Terceira (Azores) route to London Stansted in the UK, with a weekly service commencing in March 2020, as part of Ryanair’s Portuguese Summer 2020 schedule, with the full schedule to be announced soon.
Portugal consumers and visitors can now book their summer holidays from Terceira to London as far out as October 2020,flying on the lowest fares and with the greenest/cleanest major airline in Europe, with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger/kilometre.
Source: Ryanair

The refurbished Pavilhão Rosa Mota in Porto, now Super Bock Arena, opened its doors last 31st October

One of Porto most cherished and iconic buildings, the Pavilhão Rosa Mota,  situated in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal reopened its doors under the name of Super Bock Arena, last 31st of October.

The new Super Bock Arena was entirely refurbished to serve the new city's demands of hosting large cultural, sportive or business events for up to eight thousand people.This venue will become a new cultural hub for Porto, with its proximity to some of the city’s most famous landmarks, restaurants and shops and its great transport links and accommodation options.

Although the building remains "old", in the sense that it will have the same appearance, and the 768 eyepieces that make up the building dome exterior - a brand image - were kept, so as to preserve the exterior architectural identity. The refurbishment has been sensitive to the historic architecture of the building, with the addition of a new state-of-the-art congress center, featuring a 500-seat amphitheater, four function rooms and an exhibition area. Also, the arena will host visits to the dome, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent 360 degree view of the city of Porto and the river Douro.

©Filipa Brito
The Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion has also planned a restaurant with a view to the lake and to the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, whose opening is scheduled for the first semester of 2020, with a 300 square meter area and an esplanade with 400 square meters. There will also be a food court on the Ground Floor.

The original building dates back to 1865 and called as "The Crystal Palace". It was designed by the English architect, Thomas Dillen Jones, inspired by Crystal Palace in London. The building was designed as a granite, iron and glass structure to host the Porto International Exhibition at that time. But unfortunately, over the years, the building fell into disrepair, leading to its demolition in 1951 when it was replaced by the current sports pavilion Rosa Mota. Now, the new Super Bock Arena has been re-engineered to become a modern and flexible venue capable of hosting a multitude of events and will support the growth of leisure and business tourism in Porto.


ALUT: Algarviana Ultra Trail'19, from the 28th of November until the 1st of December

Introducing itself as “the race that will put Algarve to the test”, the Algarviana Ultra Trail is a trail running sports event whose route crosses Portugal from one side to the other, proclaiming the beauty of its inland areas.

Starting on November 29, the ALUT, which, at 300 km, is the longest trail running race in Portugal, should be completed in 72 hours and its course is almost entirely on the Via Algarviana. It starts in Alcoutim, beside the River Guadiana, and ends at Cabo de São Vicente, in Vila do Bispo. The course passes through the Serra do Caldeirão, Serra do Espinhaço de Cão and Serra de Monchique, climbing to a height of 12,700 metres.

Participation in the event is limited to a maximum of 100 athletes, as the organization takes special care with their monitoring and safety. It is recommended that participants already have experience in 100-mile races or similar distances.

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From the 15th to the 24th of November, don´t miss the LEFFEST: Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival'19

The Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival celebrates Cinema as an artistic creation, setting light, above all, on its capacity to embrace each artistic field and on the fascination it exerts on the other arts.

It is under this perspective that is set the goal of exploring the Seventh Art exalting its three specific components - art, entertainment and industry – through the work of some of the most remarkable directors of our times.

But the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival also aims at turning Lisboa region into an annual meeting point, for all those to whom cinema is not merely reduced to entertainment, fascination and glamour, but is also a moment of reflection, creation, sharing and pleasure.

This festival promises to bring the best of cinema to Lisboa and Sintra with a high quality and innovative programme that promotes a dialogue between cinema and other areas, such as literature, music and the plastic arts.

It will discover new talents and pay homage to established personalities – through retrospectives or integral shows – paving the way to Portuguese film production while presenting conferences, masterclasses, workshops, performances, debates, exhibitions and shows.

From 15th to 24th November, at various venues in Lisboa and Sintra; Lisboa: Espaço Nimas, Tivoli BBVA and Universidade Lusófona.

Tickets: from 4 to 7 euros.

Find more information at:

Source: LEFFEST; VisitLisboa and VisitPortugal