Birds of the Algarve

A region of pure, unspoilt nature, the Algarve has some excellent landscapes in which to watch the region’s birdlife.

Come and see the flamingos, spoonbills and purple swamphens that inhabit the Ria Formosa Natural Park. The wetlands of this protected environment contain more than 100 species of bird. The reed beds have the largest nesting colony of purple herons in the region and an important population of purple swamphens.

In the lagoon formed by the Ria, keep your eyes peeled for some beautiful examples of grey herons, bee-eaters, great reed warblers and marsh harriers.Take a trip to the Costa Vicentina, where at the headland of Cabo Sardão, you’ll be able to observe the world’s last population of white storks, nesting in the cliffs in the abandoned nests of ospreys.

You can see ospreys themselves in the Ria do Alvor (Mexilhoeira Grande). The species shares this protected area of the Algarve with storks, cormorants and peregrine falcons, amongst many other elegant birds.

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Sagres Birdwatching Festival is back in 2016

The 7th edition of the Birdwatching Festival and Nature Activities will be back in 2016.

The event that happens between 30 of September to 5 of October, in Sagres (Vila do Bispo, Algarve) is back to celebrate birds migration and nature. Hundreds of bird lovers are coming from several countries and join in the Southwest corner of Portugal and Europe to look to the sky during these six days.

The festival is focus on birds, but you can find much more related with nature tourism, culture, gastronomy, and is always an opportunity to relax and enjoy the magnificent landscape.

During these six amazing days, the participants have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, for all ages and motivations.

Among the activities related with birdwatching, we highlight the pelagic trips to watch marine birds, the ringing activities and the field trips to watch some species, typical from Sagres. It’s also planned hiking, guided and interpretive tours, short term courses,and dolphins watching. And kids were not forgotten, with special sessions for them.

The programme and the registrations for the activities are already on-line on the website of the Festival. The participants need to select the activities they are interested and send the registration, but don’t wait too long because some of them run out very fast. Some activities are free, others have a special festival price.

The event promoted by the Municipality of Vila do Bispo, with Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds and Almargem Association as partners happens in this period because it’s the high season of autumn migration, when the migratory birds leave our country towards the hot African lands. It’s also celebrated in the weekend the EuroBirdwatch all over Europe.

Sagres is a very special region. Not only is the landscape that surrounds it spectacular, but its biological heritage is unique in Europe. Here we can find a large diversity of habitats: impressive sea cliffs, coastal maquis, farmlands, woodland, sand dunes and the sea itself, between them supporting hundreds of species of fauna and flora. Of particular interest is the number of endemic flora species, the possibility to watch cetaceans and, of course, different species of birds, not only raptors but also passerines and seabirds. It is the birds that are the main attraction of this festival and therefore the programme of activities focuses mostly around them. The event aims to attract participants with differing tastes, expectations and knowledge, making it ideal for families, students, nature lovers and birdwatchers of all levels of experience.

From August to November, this area becomes the country's major migratory corridor for storks, eagles, vultures, hawks and falcons where it is possible to observe almost all of the species of these birds that occur regularly in Portugal, as well as some rarities.
As well as soaring raptors and storks, Sagres is a great place to watch other birds, including many seabirds, steppe species and passerines. Amongst the seabirds, particularly notable is the passage of thousands of Gannets and hundreds of petrels, Cory's Shearwaters) and Balearic Shearwaters. Great Skuas are also commonly seen.

In the words of Adelino Soares, the President of Vila do Bispo Municipality, "the event has been contributing to consolidate Vila do Bispo as an important destination for nature tourism, attracting more and more national and foreign visitors. The investment in this initiative, which takes place in low season, has a positive effect in the remaining months of the year, with tourists to return and take advantage of the services of local businesses partner of the Festival. "

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Performing Arts School Chapitô, invited for the first time for the jury of the European Youth Circus 2016 Festival

Teresa Ricou - Teté, stage name - circus artist, is the special guest of the jury of the European Youth Circus 2016 festival in Wiesbaden, Germany, followed by a participation in the International CircusFestival in Auch, France, and ending their trip in Madrid with a meeting at the Circus school of Carampa.

For the first time, a Portuguese artist is invited for the jury in an International Festival of Circus and establishes an important link between these European countries, creating bridges between different performative currents and different artistic visions.

Chapitô students will be represented in these festivals in the month of October, a unique opportunity to observe and applaud their artistic participation, staging in European circles!

The presence of Chapitô in this event means international recognition of the quality of training in circus arts’ that, for the past 25 years, is continued at the Circus School of Chapitô (Professional School of Arts and Crafts). Situated in the old part of Lisbon, near the São Jorge Castle, the circus school has also a restaurant with fantastic city views, and a bar  which opens at night, often staging alternative theater and live music performances.

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Portugal wins 24 awards in the World Travel Awards 2016 for Europe

In the World Travel Awards (WTA) for Europe ceremony that took place last Sunday, 4th September 2016, in Forte Village Sardinia, Italy, Portugal won 24 awards, 10 more than last year.

Also, for the third year in a row, Turismo de Portugal was considered the "Europe'sLeading Tourist Board 2016" in the World Travel Awards Europe Ceremony. Hurray! 

These were the 24 awards attributed to Portugal:

Europe's Leading Tourist Board

Europe's Leading Beach Destination 2016

Europe's Leading Cruise Destination 2016

Europe's Leading Island Destination 2016

Europe's Leading Airline to Africa

Europe's Leading Airline to South America

Europe's Leading Inflight Magazine 2016

Up Magazine (TAP Portugal)

Europe's Leading All-Inclusive Resort 2016

Europe's Leading Beach Resort 2016

Europe's Leading Boutique Hotel 2016

Europe's Leading Boutique Resort 2016

Europe's Leading Business Hotel 2016

Europe's Leading Cruise Port 2016

Europe's Leading Design Hotel 2016

Europe's Leading Family Resort 2016

Europe's Leading Hotel Villas 2016

Europe's Leading Island Hotel & Spa 2016

Europe's Leading Landmark Hotel 2016

Europe's Leading Luxury Resort & Spa 2016

Europe's Leading MICE Hotel 2016

Europe's Leading New Resort 2016

Europe's Leading River Cruise Company 2016

Europe's Leading Tourism Development Project 2016

Passadiços do Paiva (Arouca UNESCO Global Geopark)

Europe's Most Romantic Resort 2016

Besides the Europe awards, Portugal also won 13 awards in the country category/Portugal:

Portugal's Leading Boutique Hotel 2016

Portugal's Leading Business Hotel 2016

Portugal's Leading Conference Hotel 2016

Portugal's Leading Design Hotel 2016

Portugal's Leading Family Resort 2016

Portugal's Leading Green Hotel 2016

Portugal's Leading Hotel 2016

Portugal's Leading Hotel Residences 2016

Portugal's Leading Hotel Suite 2016

Portugal's Leading Resort 2016

Portugal's Leading Serviced Apartments 2016

Portugal's Leading Spa Resort 2016

Portugal's Leading Villa Resort 2016

Celebrating this year its 23rd t anniversary,  the World Travel Awards are considered one of the most important awards in the tourism industry. 

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Beaches of Tróia: Long sandy beaches, open sea and leaping dolphins

It’s not by chance that these beaches are now considered very fashionable. They are beautiful expanses of sand, close to Lisbon, with restaurants serving excellent food. They are summer haunts where rest and relaxation are the order of the day.

The beaches of Tróia are kilometre after kilometre of white sand gently lapped by the sea. Along the coastal road, or on the dunes, all the way between the beaches of Comporta and Pego, it’s easy to find a pleasant restaurant in which to enjoy a meal of tasty fresh fish.

And you only have to travel a few kilometres to change the scenery. At Praia da Galé, for instance, the line of dunes is interrupted, giving way to a five million-year-old cliff that stretches all the way to Melides.

If you enjoy playing volleyball, football or rugby, you’ll find the goalposts and nets already set up for you on the beach of Tróia-Mar, close to the ferry that connects the Tróia peninsula to the city of Setúbal. It’s well worth taking the short ride across this narrow gateway between the mouth of the Sado estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. You may even be lucky enough to see some friendly dolphins swimming beside your boat.

Further inland are the cork and holm oak groves, pinewoods, and the undulating carpet of rice paddies that form part of the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, where families of birds come to build their nests and spend the winter.

In September, don´t miss the SATA Airlines Azores Islands Pro in São Miguel Island

From the 6th to the 11th of September 2016, come and see the exhibitions of the world’s best surfers during the SATA Airlines Azores Islands Pro, which takes place in São Miguel.

This event is part of the World Qualifying Series of the Professional Surfers’ Association and has been classified as a Prime Event, which is the highest grade awarded in this sport. The setting that has been chosen for this tournament is the beach of Santa Bárbara, close to Ribeira Grande on the northern coast of São Miguel island, whose waves are greatly appreciated by the many aficionados of this sport.

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Caramulo Motorfestival: 2 - 4 of September 2016

This September, journey back several decades and watch a Festival which brings classic and sports vehicles to the roads around Caramulo.

Caramulo Motorfestival 2016 from Museu do Caramulo on Vimeo.

Dedicated to classic and sports cars and motorbikes, the Caramulo Motor Festival combines competition with leisure in an ideal event for all visitors – whether or not motor sports fans.

In addition to the Caramulo Ramp - which counts towards the National Mountain Championship /Caterham Trophy - this Festival incorporate other events such as the Luso-Caramulo Historic Rally, the Viseu-Caramulo Historic Ride and concentrations of classic vehicles offering processions of collector items. In order to see the vehicles in detail, it is also possible to visit the Automobilia trade fair in the Multiuse Pavilion or the collection of cars, motorbikes, velocipedes and miniatures in the Caramulo Museum - one of the Festival organisers.

Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the Serra do Caramulo - one of the best locations in Portugal for practising outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, rappel, slide or BTT cycling. 

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