From the 14th to the 16th of May 2020, don´t miss in the Alentejo, the Alter International Horse Summit

The Alter International Horse Summit – AIHS – is a unique project in Portugal 

Its aim is to study, look at and discuss the Horse Economy in all of its forms. With numerous parallel activities taking place throughout the year, the AIHS materialization will culminate on May 14-16 in Alter do Chão, Alentejo.

AIHS has more than two dozen institutional, associative, media and enabling partners who, from the outset, believed in the project and became part of it. 

Since the 18th century, when King João V set up the now innovative Alter Real Stud Farm, Alter do Chão has been a benchmark in the national and international equestrian panorama. 

This is why one of the main goals of the AIHS is to make Alter do Chão a national and international centre of debate for the issues and challenges affecting the equestrian world, in what is the home to the peerless Alter Real Lusitano Horse.

For you to take the most of your visit to Alter International Horse Summit and to Alter do Chão, check out our guides for the tastiest foods, the best hotels as well as no-to- be missed sights.

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Discover the Algarvian countryside clothed in white with the Almond trees in blossom

Heralding the arrival of spring, almond blossoms bathe the Algarve in an unforgettable and dazzling show.

A delicate mantle of pink and white extends throughout the Barrocal lands on the orchards of inland Algarve, where many villages retain their Arabic names.

There, the special colour bestowed on the countryside by the luxuriant almond trees recalls the same flowers which, long ago, enchanted a certain Northern princess, as the Moorish Legend of the Almond Blossom tells us.

According to this delightful story, during the time when Al Garb still belonged to the Moors, there reigned a young Caliph in Silves called Ibn-Almundim, who fell in love and married Gilda, the daughter of a great lord from the North, who had been defeated in battle by the Moorish king.

Their love was mutual, and the marriage was celebrated in grand style. However, the beautiful princess grew sadder day by day, with the Caliph unable to make her smile. They consulted magicians and wise men from all over the world, but none could find a cure for her sadness…

Until one day when an old Nordic man told the king that Gilda was longing for the white snow-covered fields of her homeland. Ibn-Almundim then ordered thousands of almond trees to be planted outside the windows of the palace, which, when they were in blossom, covered the land with white petals. The illusion took away her longing and she became joyful once more.

And this is why, since that spring so long ago, the Algarve relives each year the magic of the almond blossom.

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Almond Blossom Circuit returns to the Douro Line: on the Saturdays 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of March 2020

Get aboard the train for a memorable journey along the Almond Blossom Circuit, where you can let your senses delight in the vast flower-filled landscape of one of Portugal’s most green and verdant regions. 

The oldest tourist excursion developed by the Portuguese railway company CP (Comboios de Portugal), the Almond Blossom circuit takes you through some unique countryside, where history and tradition blend perfectly with the beauty of the landscapes. A journey that will literally take your breath away. 

Taking you through the region of Alto Douro and Trás-os-Montes in special trains, along the line from Porto-Campanhã to Pocinho and back, the Almond Blossom Trail is further complemented by a choice of three road trips that you can also choose from:

Route A – Pocinho, Côa Museum  (guided tour of the museum), Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (stop for lunch), Castelo Rodrigo, Barca D'Alva, Penedo Durão (panoramic view), Freixo de Espada à Cinta and Pocinho.

Route B – Freixo de Numão, Penedono, Trancoso (stop for lunch), Marialva (guided tour to the castle), Côa Museum  (guided tour to the museum), Vila Nova de Foz Côa and Pocinho..

Route C – Pocinho, Torre de Moncorvo, Mogadouro (stop for lunch), Archeology museum of Mogadouro 
(guided tour to the museum), Cerejais Sanctuary (panoramic view- buses go all the way to Calvário and Loca)), Vila flor and Pocinho.

DatesThese trips are going to be held on the Saturdays: 
March 7, 14, 21 and 28 of 2020.

Visit the CP website and their Facebook page to find out the train times and any other information you may require.

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Almond Blossom Circuit returns to the Douro Line - March 2020

Between February 19th and March 1st, don´t miss Madeira Carnival festivities

Carnival officially begins on the Friday before Lent and only ends on Shrove Tuesday, with the whole island being caught up in the intense and contagious liveliness.

The Carnival festival in Madeira is one of the region’s liveliest festivals. Funchal city wakes up on the Friday morning to the sound of brass bands and carnival parades bringing their good humour to the whole of the downtown area, which is then continued at night with concerts and shows in the Praça do Município for five consecutive days.

On Saturday night, it’s time for the great procession of floats to come out into the street. After following their traditional route through the city, they concentrate in the Praça do Município, where there is much singing and dancing in a magical atmosphere of music and merrymaking.

On the day of the Carnival itself (Shrove Tuesday), Funchal explodes in a great outpouring of merriment. In the afternoon, irreverent merrymakers from all over the world parade in front of the crowd who are in turn infected by this atmosphere of playful caricature - it is time for the popular parade. Throughout this period, the streets of Funchal are decorated with patterns of lights and inundated with background music alluding to the Carnival period. Let this contagion infect you, too!

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Dark Sky ® Alqueva has just been distinguished internationally as Europe's Leading Tourist Destination, at the Corporate Travel Awards

Dark Sky® Alqueva has just been distinguished internationally as Europe's Leading

"It is a great honor to be able to count on this distinction, and in the beginning of the year
2020, but it is undoubtedly a prize that also carries great responsibility. The Corporate Travel Awards is the culmination of CEO Today’s time and experience spent working with major corporate and travel industry brands.

Since the end of last year, Dark Sky® Alqueva has been introducing improvements,
diversifying the offer of activities and increasing the network of local partners, which will
soon be visible on our website. But the Dark Sky® concept has also grown at a national
level as a result of regional partnerships, thus originating the birth of Dark Sky Aldeias do
Xisto in partnership with ADXTUR and Dark Sky Vale do Tua in partnership with ADRVT.

Therefore forming the Network Dark Sky® Portugal and positioning our country as a
leading international destination in Astrotourism" 

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Algarve events guide for February 2020

Going to the Algarve during the month of February 2020? So discover here what’s happening in the Algarve region.

The Algarve is known for its beachesnatural landscapes, bars and golf courses. And for its restaurants, hotels, monuments, and of course, for entertainment. 

The offer of entertainment destination is diversified and includes events of public and private partners that invite you to enjoy emotions and traditions, sounds and regional flavors, that the Algarve Tourism organizes in this guide leaflet.

Find more information about the Algarve at:
Algarve Region
Algarve Brochure
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Algarve Guides
Algarve Map
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TAP is the european airline with the best Economy Class according to the North American publication’s 10Best

© Tap Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal has the best Economy Class in Europe and is among the 10 best worldwide, according to a selection made by readers of US newspaper USA Today, who voted to include the Portuguese Airline in the 10Best 2020 awards.
The 10 winning airlines in the 10Best 2020 “Best Economy Class” category are:
1. American Airlines; 2. AirAsia; 3. Delta Air Lines; 4. Southwest Airlines; 5. JetBlue; 6. TAP Air Portugal; 7. Emirates; 8. Singapore Airlines; 9. Virgin Atlantic; 10. Cathay Pacific.

Nominations for this award were picked by a panel of experts from the USA TODAY 10Best Readers Choice Awards and the votes were submitted online by readers.
The site attracts an average of five million readers per month and was acquired by the USA Today newspaper in 2013.
This award is yet another acknowledgement of the success of TAP’s major investment in North America. TAP is the European airline that has grown the fastest in the United States in recent years. 
The Airline has quadrupled its number of North American destinations compared with 2015, when it only flew to Newark and Miami. Currently, the airline offers 8 destinations in total: Newark, Miami, Boston, Toronto, New York/JFK, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C., and is preparing to open another: Montreal. In addition, weekly direct flights between Porto and Newark have been significantly increased. And soon there will also be a direct flight between Ponta Delgada and Boston.
In terms of the total number of flights per week, TAP has quintupled its North American operation in just five years. 16 flights per week were taking place in the summer of 2015; in the summer of 2020, a total of 832 weekly flights to North America will be available.
In 2019, the Airline transported more than a million passengers on all North American routes combined, an increase of 250 percent since 2015.