365 Alentejo and Ribatejo

Come to the Alentejo and Ribatejo and make each day here a different day. To find out how check out 365 Alentejo and Ribatejo - the calendar of events that tells you everything that’s happening in this region.

Throughout the year you will find a truly varied programme of activities that are offered by various companies and organisations and, above all, by these people who share their traditions, culture and identity with everyone. The huge range of themes covers music and dance, performance, theatre, film, visual arts, science, activities that bring its heritage to life, festivals and parades, fairs and markets, gastronomy and wines and even sports, nature and adventure.

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WTCR Race of Portugal: 23-24 June in Vila Real

In June, travel to Vila Real and prepared to be thrilled by the high-speed vehicles competing in the World Touring Cars Championship.

Included within the annual timetable of the FIA – the International Automobile Federation, this event will be attended by the world’s finest touring car drivers and involves car manufacturers such as BMW, Seat or Chevrolet.

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From 9th to 20th June, don´t miss the Atlantic Festival in Madeira

In June, a sense of liveliness joins forces with tradition to transform Funchal into an attractive and fun-filled venue where visitors are offered a series of unforgettable concerts and shows.

The Atlantic Festival, which takes place throughout the month of June, is a cultural and fun-packed event, consisting of three distinct components: the Madeira Music Festival, the International Fireworks Competition and various street performances.

Every Saturday night, there are concerts. Combined with the fireworks, these provide unique moments in which the splendour of the firework display blends harmoniously with the music to provide unique moments of happiness and colour. 

The month of June thus transforms the Madeiran capital into an attractive and fun-filled venue where visitors are offered a series of unforgettable concerts and shows, not only because of their artistic and musical quality, but also because of the magical atmosphere that they provide.

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June, is time for Festas: Festivities of Lisbon 2018

With a whiff of summer in the air, the Festivities of Lisbon offer a full program of entertainment activities that will invade Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods, luring thousands of people into the streets.

Santo António, highly respected and worshipped in Lisbon and treated as a true patron of the city, sets the mood for the festivities that reach their highpoint on the evening of June 12, with the parade of popular marches along Avenida da Liberdade. On the afternoon of June 13, a procession in homage to the popular Saint - who is believed to foster marriages - winds its way through the streets around the Sé cathedral and provides a special religious flavour to the festivities.

Evenings are animated by traditional festivities in Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods - from Castelo to Mouraria, Graça, Alfama, Ajuda and the Bairro Alto - with lots of music and dance to the rhythm of popular songs. Decorated with coloured globes and garlands, the city’s streets are invaded by the smell of roasted sardines and sweet basil accompanied by paper carnations and paintings that allude to Santo António.

June is the main month of these festivities, but they also extend throughout the summer, including a wide variety of events such as fado, jazz and other musical performances, fado in the city’s trams, cinema and theatre festivals, sports events and exhibitions.

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From 1-3 of June, don´t miss the Serralves em Festa, in Porto

Visit Oporto and take part in one of the biggest contemporary arts festivals, that offers activities for all ages and for the whole family.

During a non stop 50-hour period in June, Serralves em Festa presents hundreds of artists, in a wide array of activities in the fields of music, opera, dance, performance, theatre, new circus, literature, cinema, video, photography, workshops, guided visits and exhibitions.

The festivities aren’t confined to the premises of Serralves - they extend beyond the Foundation’s walls and inundate the streets of Oporto’s Baixa zone with street theatre, music and lively entertainment.

Don’t miss it!

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Until June 30th, don´t miss Lisbon Under Stars - Immersive Spectacle

Lisbon Under Stars is an immersive and multidisciplinary spectacle that will value Lisbon’s culture and heritage. 

Lisbon Under Stars - Nos Bastidores - Behind the Scenes from OCUBO on Vimeo.

Proven to be the ideal stage for Lisbon Under Stars, Carmo’s Ruins provide a new way of experiencing the city’s history. Created and produced by OCUBO, in an institutional partnership with the Carmo Archaeological Museum, Lisbon Under Stars is a multidisciplinary experience that brings together multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects, to the sound of great Portuguese music.
​It is Carmo's own walls, transformed into a three-dimensional screen and in the voice of Catarina Furtado, a great portuguese host, that tell us this adventure, over more than 600 years of the city and Portugal. Historical landmarks as the Battle of Aljubarrota, the Age of Discovery, the earthquake of 1755 or “Cravos” Revolution are just a few moments that make up this immersive show.
Each moment of this unique journey will be emphasized with Amália Rodrigues, Fernando Lopes Graça, Luis Freitas Branco, Madredeus, Salvador Sobral and Zeca Afonso’s notes. Lisbon Under Stars also has the special participation of Mariza, a renowned fado singer, and great names of various Portuguese musical styles, such as Rão Kyao, Teresa Salgueiro, Symphonic Chorus Lisboa Cantat, Symphonic Orchestra of GNR and Tocá Rufar feat Paulo Marinho, whose songs and performances, will be part of this virtual experience. Also Clara Andermatt Company and National Ballet Company’s dancers, with choreographies by Clara Andermatt, will interact with the walls of the Ruins.
But that's not all.
The show will also include urban art works by Add Fuel, Daniel Eime, The Super Van by Vanessa Teodoro and Alexandre Farto aka Vhils that will contextualize Lisbon of nowadays. The spectator is involved in this inspiring audiovisual and sensorial experience, which always has up in the sky the stars to remind us of the Universe’s true dimension and our human conditions in space and time. At the centre of the event, the public can move freely through space, see, hear and appreciate different perspectives of this time travel, in this emblematic cultural landscape that are Carmo’s Ruins, which always have up in the sky the stars, reminding us the Universe’s true dimension and our human condition in space and time.
​There under the stars, 629 years ago, Carmo Church was born. Resistant to time and testimony of an immense history, that turned it into one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lisbon.
Today, under the same stars, its powerful story full of adventures is revealed.

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20th Anniversary of Expo'98: From May 25th to June 2nd

The 20th anniversary of Expo98 will be celebrated with multimedia show under the Canopy of the Portugal Pavilion, at Parque das Nações.

Alongside the multimedia show from 25 May to 2 June, the olharapos will be present at 21.30 and 22.30 to entertain spectators before the first show and during breaks between sessions.
As in 1998, we will also be paying tribute to water in a performance embellished with fountains and a water screen, 30 metres long and 10 metres high, onto which videos and images will be projected that will recall the highlights of the Lisbon World Exhibition.
This is a show with three moments, narrated by Eduardo Rêgo: first, it will recall the reconstruction of this area of eastern Lisbon, then it will celebrate the 1998 exhibition and then it will reflect on Parque das Nações today.
Finally, it will reaffirm the belief that Expo'98 affected how the world began to see Lisbon. It could even be considered the most daring project of the twentieth century, with its unprecedented urban rehabilitation plan – from nothing, an international case study emerged from a truly degraded area.
The largest aquarium in the world and a modern transport hub were built, as well as a new crossing over the Tagus that is one of the greatest engineering works in the country.
For four months, the flags of 146 nations were symbols of a universality witnessed by more than 11 million visitors.