Lisbon Airport: Changes at Terminal 2

Change of Premises for EasyJet and TAP, SATA and AeroVip Operations
From 20 March all TAP, SATA and AeroVip domestic operations will be transferred from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. The last domestic flights to be processed by these airlines at Terminal 2 will be on 19 March.
Terminal 2 will continue to be a departures-only terminal, with a simplified service only for companies offering flights which do not need a specific infrastructure to process transfer passengers.
Useful information:
  • The EasyJet flight to Funchal will continue to depart from Terminal 2. This flight will be joined by all of EasyJet’s remaining operations which currently depart from Terminal 1. All EasyJet departures will be processed at Terminal 2. Arrivals of passengers on these flights will continue to be at Terminal 1.
  • New airlines will be transferred to T2 in the near future. Terminal 2 will not be exclusively for the use of EasyJet.
  • Terminal 2 will continue to be a departures-only terminal, with no parking facilities.
  • The free curbside shuttle between Terminal 1 Departures and Terminal 2 will continue to exist.
  • Valet Parking at Terminal 2 will no longer be available.
  • The air-side shuttle will cease to exist.
This change in operations will enable Lisbon Airport to maximize its capacity, and at the same time allow it to improve the quality of service to passengers who use the airport as a hub, in transit, since they will be processed in full at Terminal 1.
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