Portugal Marinas brochure…sailing all year round

A land with rich culture
Breathtaking scenery, world class facilities and destinations to please every visitor, the coast of Portugal is a sailing paradise offering the best on land and at sea.
The long and varied coastline offers everything from pristine sandy beaches to rugged cliffs and lush green countryside with picturesque white washed villages sitting next to bustling cosmopolitan cities and luxurious five-star resorts.
With mild winters and warm summers the weather along the coast gets hotter the further south you travel and makes the coast of Portugal suitable for sailing all year round. The Nortada (Portuguese Trade Winds) mainly blow in the afternoon during the summer months leaving the mornings free to explore before heading back to the seas in the afternoons.
The hidden treasures of Portugal can be accessed from world class marinas
Portugal has a rich culture with strong regional traditions and close links with the sea. A stay in one of the many marinas in the country is a perfect opportunity to delve into Portugal and uncover its hidden treasures.
In the north, it is worth visiting Porto to experience the history and the famous Port houses while the capital of Lisbon is known for its culture and vibrant city atmosphere.
Along the south coast, take in the award winning beaches and enjoy a holiday atmosphere in the Algarve with sun drenched beaches and world class golf courses.
Download the brochure here (English/German): Marinas

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