With the support of Portugal’s Tourism Board, National golf courses now at just the click of a button!

The National Golf Industry Council (CNIG) and Portugal’s Tourism Board have jointly launched the first solely dedicated online golf portal for Portugal; aimed at both golfers and tour operators and serving perfectly as a user-friendly reservation system and an extensive information source for golf in the country. is an innovative platform which can provide golfers from both Portugal and abroad with key information on the country’s diverse golfing facilities, courses and clubs, with the additional benefit of providing a fully integrated online booking system for tour operator and golfers to use at any time, plus there are tourist features available on surrounding areas near the golf courses. The unique Product Club feature also provides technical information and updates within the industry for its members.

By accessing the user has immediate access to availability and pricing information on their chosen courses/s, provided directly and up to date by the courses themselves.

For tour operators, the key functionality that makes this new website such a useful resource is the online booking system, which provides access to all of the golf courses in the country and allows for ‘just in time’ bookings directly with the course that has been selected. It also allows for various bookings at one time, simultaneously, on different courses with different tee times, for one of more players, all within one handy booking payment.

In just five quick steps, tour operators will be able to benefit from the following:

® Select the chosen course/s
® Select the relevant tee times
® Fill out the details of all of the players within the reservation
® Make the booking payment on the terms provided by the chosen golf course
® Receive full reservation confirmation through a booking voucher has been designed with the tour operator in mind – a true ‘time saver’.

® You can check availability at any time anywhere
® The need for telephone and email enquiries are reduced, for simple and fast searches
® Allows for golf trip planning tailored to the client all in one sweep

How can it be accessed? All information provided to the system by each tour operator is strictly confidential and will not be divulged. provides a operator-only section, which can only be accessed upon registration, and through login details then provided. It is safe, secure and easy to use.

All prices provided are tailored specifically to the tour operator sector. However, if the operator has already agreed certain prices with any golf courses, then he/she can request that these be implemented and benefit from special payment terms.

A registered user on the website who would like to establish contact with a new golf courses, can use the platform, by requesting association through this, but maintain contact between parties thereafter only offline. The golf course will then agree the terms of association and implement these online.

Whenever an operator logs on to the platform the login name will be recognised and full access on special prices and agreements with golf courses applied to that account. was developed by Deloitte, whilst it visual design was provided by To see for how this new platform can help tour operators for golf all over Portugal, visit:

Additional information:
Vanessa Velosa | E-mail: |Tel.: + 351 968 387 138

Source: CNIG - Conselho Nacional da Indústria do Golfe

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