Zon North Canyon Show 2011: Garrett Mcnamara nominated for the “Big Wave Oscars”

The extreme waterman Garrett McNamara, who made history in Nazaré while surfing the biggest wave ever in the expedition ZON North Canyon Show 2011, is a finalist in the race to the "Big Wave Oscars."
Garrett McNamara rode, in Praia do Norte, on the 1st of November, a wave estimated at 90 feet (30 meters), a feat that puts the Hawaiian and the Portuguese wave in the favorites in the categories of Ride of the Year and Biggest Wave in the Billabong XXL Awards.
See here the Garrett McNamara’s wave in Nazaré

The nominees are:
Ride of the Year Category: the Hawaiian Garrett McNamara with the wave of North Beach, the Americans Nathan Fletcher and Greg Long with waves ridden in Teahuppo/Tahiti and Puerto Escondido/Mexico and the Australians Ryan Hipwood at Cloudbreak / Fiji and Jeff Rowley in Jaws Maui, respectively.
Biggest Wave Category: In addition to McNamara with the wave of Nazaré, are nominated the Irish Ollie O'Flaherty and the English Andrew Cotton in Mullagmore Head / Ireland, the Basque Axi Muniain in Agiti / Spain and the Australian Damien "Taco" Warr in WA / Australia.
The winners will be revealed on May 4th at the Grove Theater, in Anaheim, California.
Remember that Garrett McNamara was in Praia do Norte, with the sponsorship of ZON during the months of October and November for surfing, tow-in and stand up paddle and film the documentary ZON North Canyon Show 2011. This is a three-year project started in 2010 and performed by the Hawaiian surfer who returns again this year to Portugal - for further information about the 2011 event please visit
The effect of the phenomenon known as "Canyon of Nazaré" (a geomorphologic rare accident, the largest in Europe and one of the world's largest, consisting of a failure in the continental shelf about 170 km long and five meters deep) channels the swell of the Atlantic Ocean to the North Beach creating big waves.
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