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Rota Vicentina is a long distance path along the Sw coast of Portugal, between the city of Santiago do Cacém and the Cape of St. Vincent, totalling more than 340 km to walk along one of the most beautiful and best preserved coast lines of southern Europe.

Rota Vicentina is an initiative of Casas Brancas Association in partnership with Almargem Association and the region's public entities, resulting from the need to endow the south western coast with an environmental, cultural and economically sustainable way.

Over 340 km to travel on foot!
Rota Vicentina results from the selection and marking of existing tracks and trails used by local populations that, when combined, form an over 340 km long itinerary to walk along the entire Sw coast. In May the marked trails will be revealed.

For the true nature lovers
Alentejo and Vicentina Coast is one of the most beautiful and best preserved coastal areas of southern Europe, with over 100 km of Natural Park, wild beaches and a fascinating rural culture.

Quality and variety for all tastes
Accommodation offer is mostly based on family type rural tourism units, small hotels, boarding houses, camping facilities and local lodging units. A list of all this types of lodging will be available soon.

The essence of the Sw
Although recent, the offer of nature activities in the region is quite varied: observation and interpretation of the natural environment, horseback riding, mountain bike riding, trekking with donkeys, surfing, canoeing, diving, fishing or boat riding.

These are the main reasons why the Sw and Rota Vicentina must become a part of your life:
-Wild and pristine nature
-Surprising gastronomy
-Outdoor activities at nature's pace
-Breathtaking views
-The region's authenticity and rich identity
-Moments spent with old and new friends
-Contribute to the local economy
-Get to know every inch of this coast line
-Mild weather year round

Historical Way
Comprised mainly of rural trails, this is a classic Grand Route (GR), fully accessible to mountain bikes, with stretches of cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks, in a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails.
It comprises a total of 13 sections.
Distance: 241 km

Fishermen's Trail
It is a single track along the cliffs which can only be travelled by foot, and more demanding from a physical point of view. A challenge to a permanent contact with the ocean winds, the harsh coastal scenery and the wild and powerful natural landscape.
It comprises a total of 4 sections and 5 complementary circuits.
Distance: 115 km

Useful information:
Brochure (PT/EN)
Local Awareness Brochure (PT)

Source: Rota Vicentina Website

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