TREC – World Championship 2012: 7th to 9th September in Mafra

©Seniors World Championship of TREC
In September 2012, Portugal will host for the first time a Seniors World Championship of TREC (Tecniques de Randonnée Équestre), a specific category that is supervised by FITE - Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Équestre (Equestrian Tourism International Federation).

The Championship will be held in Mafra, 50km North of Lisbon (about 45 minutes by car), at the old military equestrian school of the Military Centre of Physical Education and Sports and there are expected 150 riders from all over the world. The region, beautiful, is close to the sea and the competitors will have excellent accommodations and sportive conditions, for horses and riders.

Provisional Timetable:
Wednesday, 5Th September 2012

Until 8:00 pm – Arrival participants, stabling of horses.
10:00 – 8:00 pm – Opening hours of show and information office.
8:00 pm – Dinner.

Thursday, 6Th September 2012
Until 8:00 pm – Arrival participants, stabling of horses.
10:00 am – 8:00 pm – Opening hours of show and information office.
12:00 pm – Lunch
8:00 pm – Dinner.

Friday, 7Th September 2012
7:00 am – 10:00 am – Breakfast
8:00 am – Veterinary control/ Equipment control
12:00 pm – Lunch
01.30 pm – Meeting of judges and Chef D´Equipes
2:30 pm - PTV course inspection for judges and Chef D´Equipes
3:30 pm – Official PTV course inspection.
4:30 pm – Meeting of the teams for the opening ceremony.
5.00 pm – Opening ceremony
7:30 pm – Dinner and get together

Saturday, 8Th September 2012
5:00 am – Breakfast and distribution of lunch packages for riders, judges and accompanying persons.
06.30 am – First rider at the map room
06:50 am – Start of the first competitor
2: 00 pm - Estimated arrival of first riders and horse inspection
8:00 pm – Dinner and Championship party

Sunday, 9Th September 2012
6:00 am – Breakfast
6:30 am – Horse inspection (according to POR starting order)
8:00 am – Control of Paces (MA), according to POR starting order.
8:30 am - PTV Course (according to POR starting order)
12:00 pm – Lunch
5 :00 pm – Prize giving and closing ceremony
8:00 pm – Dinner and evening party

Monday,10Th September 2012

9:00 am – Bureau meeting
10:30 am – FITE General Assembly

Note: A modification of the program is subject to changes

Information will be constantly updated, any further information please contact directly the OC through one of the contacts below:
Show Director:
Cor. António Camacho
TEL: +351 919 941 623

More information at:

Source: AMT - Associação Mundial de Trec 2012

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