Cais do Sodré: Lisboa’s new Nightspot

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Although in former times it was the place of arrival and departure for sailors from all over the world who filled the streets in search of short-term romance, Cais do Sodré is now one of the Portuguese capital’s trendiest districts, offering both variety and quality. Here you can find the now mythical nightclubs Jamaica, Europa and Tóquio, the revamped Roterdão, the more recent Music Box and the new projects accommodated in Pensão Amor.

In this traffic-free area it is now possible to find several outdoor terraces as well as innovative concepts such as a restaurant (Sol e Pesca) devoted to Portuguese conserves and an erotic bookshop (Ler Devagar com Amor). The ground floor of this project also houses the bars Povo and Velha Senhora. Inspired by Lisboa’s typical tascas (cheap taverns), Povo belongs to the same owners as Music Box and was created as a complement to it. This no-frills space serves traditional snacks like salada de polvo (octopus salad), peixinhos da horta (deep-fried green beans in batter) and ovos verdes (fried devilled eggs) to the sound of Fado, with live music, resident artists and a special preference for the new generation of Fado performers.

Bar da Velha Senhora sought its inspiration in the Cais do Sodré of the old days in order to present a contemporary, uninhibited cabaret. This venue hosts a variety of shows and the menu is typically Portuguese.

Pensão Amor is notable for its trendy burlesque decor, where no chair or sofa is the same but all are upholstered in glossy velvet. The walls are covered with red materials and hung with photographs and the ceilings are painted with replicas of frescoes. A new way of being is taking over this district of Lisboa and transforming its reputation from that of a rundown, somewhat unsafe area to a popular modern nightspot area whose varied and authentic offering preserves the memories of the old days. This is the new Cais do Sodré.

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