CH Design & Wine Hotel Opens in Caminha

The northern seaside town of Caminha has a brand-new 4 star luxury hotel, the CH Design & Wine Hotel.

The hotel has five suites installed on a raised platform with a pillar that weighs 18 tons and rotates on it very own. This is new thinking in the new luxury Design & Wine designed by Pedro Guimaraes. It has 23 thematic rooms in an 18th century old building known as the Solar das Torres.

The five suites overlook the Minho River and the Santa Tecla mountains and can rotate 35 degrees (it takes 5 minutes) two times a day so that the guests fall to sleep looking the mountain and awake looking at the river. Also, there is a restaurant featuring regional dishes.

Praça Conselheiro Silva Torrres, 8
4910-122 Caminha
+351 258 719 040 

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