New airport Metro station opens

The new subway stations of the red line – Moscavide, Encarnação and Aeroporto – opened for service today. The extension of the red line between Oriente/Aeroporto has 3326 meters and three new stations, with a estimate mensal value of new passengers around 400 thousand passengers/year.

The passengers will be welcomed by caricatures of Portuguese personalities,  like artist Vieira da Silva, poet Fernando Pessoa, Nobel Prize doctor Egas Moniz and aviators Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho who made the first flight across the southern Atlantic.

This enterprise will have a significant impact on the accessibilities to and from the Lisbon International Airport, constituting an important interface for the passengers of the air transport and for the generality of the people that work in that area.

By the other hand, it also serves the residential areas of Moscavide and Olivais (around 7% of the total population of the Lisbon city lives in Olivais area).

The three new stations will allow a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions, in about 5 thousand tonnes/year.

With this new connection it will the possible to travel from the city administrative center (Saldanha) to the Lisbon International Airport in 16 minutes.

Take the subway:)

Source: Metro de Lisboa

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