Oásis by Nuno Sá Wildlife photography

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Nuno Sá, photographer and Triplinfinito have the pleasure to invite you to visit the first outdoor exhibition of the project "Oásis by Nuno Sá - the incredible marine life of Azores", opens to the public on 19th july, at 7pm, in front of the Oceanário de Lisboa.

Come and discover the marine life of an oasis as never seen before, from July 19th until 19th august.

Nuno Sá was born in Montreal, Canada in 1977. When he was eleven years old he returned with his family to Portugal. His contact with the underwater world only begins in 1997, with his first diving certification.

He is the first Portuguese wildlife photographer nominated in some of Europe's major nature photography competitions, such as: Wildlife photographer of the year and Asferico International Nature Photography Competition, amongst others.

Nuno Sá is on the Wild Wonders of Europe's team of top European nature photographers, this is the worlds biggest ever nature photography project with an expected public of over 100 million people, a project
supported by the National Geographic Society.

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Source: Oceanário de Lisboa

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