Taste Portugal

Do you know what is the best taste in Portugal? Is it the fish, which many people consider to be the best in the world? Or is it the wines, originating from the country’s sun-drenched vineyards? Or perhaps it’s the sweets and desserts made from age-old recipes kept secret by the monks and nuns?

Find the answers to these questions by exploring the tastes and aromas of this rich and authentic gastronomy, which has consistently reinvented itself over the centuries, incorporating tastes and flavours from far-off lands discovered by the Portuguese in their overseas travels.

This particular voyage takes you on a trip from the world of traditional cuisine, prepared according to recipes handed down from generation to generation, to the more contemporary trends based on modern scientific methods. But it also includes the use of regional products, most notably olive-oil, the incomparable variety of smoked meats, the ever more highly regarded wines or the delicate horticultural produce, grown according to traditional methods and endowed with a truly unique taste.

You should also try to discover the country’s gourmet restaurants, where you can enjoy some of the most exquisite flavours, or the special creations of internationally renowned chefs whose talents bring an entirely new and sophisticated look to the already excellent Portuguese products.And, in Portugal, fine food and wine can also be a reason for a festive occasion. You can easily enjoy convivial moments in the company of your friends, but there are other events where regional products and specialities are celebrated and which always provide you with a perfect excuse to visit and get to know other places.

Set off on this journey through the different tastes and flavours and come and sit at the table with us. Portugal is pleased to be your host!

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