Alentejo Nature

Discover the whole palette of colours and aromas that make up the Alentejo.

Trees, flowers, surprising fauna, water like a balsam for the soul - fill your senses with the scents of nature in an Alentejo that has more to offer than the gold of the cornfields.

Walk through the green countryside of the Serras d’ Ossa and Monfurado, where various species of flora and fauna live in peace, and appreciate the views.

Explore the Serra de São Mamede Nature Park, where you will find the landscapes that characterise the south and north of Portugal.

Deer, foxes and eagles - so many reasons to learn the secrets of the Serra that marks the highest point south of the Tagus.

A wealth of bird life lies hidden amid the fields and fallow ground, in the endless open plains.Go to Castro Verde and discover ecological circuits that will introduce you to the world of observing birds that are real prodigies of nature.

Near the River Sado, among pine forests and salt marshes, beaches and rice fields, go for walks that will appeal to all your senses. Take the chance to appreciate the elegance of the flamingos. Go on a boat trip that will be made unforgettable by the estuary's porpoises.

Whenever the heat closes in as you cross the Alentejo, remember that there is always water nearby. The dams, essential for the preservation of the rural world, spread from north to south, inviting you to relax while you bathe, have a picnic or take part in water sports.

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