Carriage rides in Parque da Pena

© Parques de Sintra

Visitors to Parque da Pena can now enjoy carriage rides in Sintra's lush green landscape and enjoy an experience similar to the way King Ferdinand II and his guests did.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday,visitors can buy a ticket to ride in a carriage between the Lakes of Parque da Pena and the Condessa d'Edla Chalet, in close contact with the Ardennais horses living in the park, whilst discovering Quinta da Pena (and the animals that inhabit it) and the Condessa d'Edla Garden, included in the tour.

On this trip, visitors may also request an expert guide on the Sintra Parks, and thus learn about the history of the park, its botanical species, and several historical sites that form part of the route.

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Source: Lisboa Inside

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