Madeira gastronomy

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There is a vast range of natural products on this island, making it possible to produce a wide variety of gastronomic delights.

As the island is in close contact with the sea, you will find excellent seafood dishes and all kinds of fresh fish at most restaurants - limpets, shrimps, octopus, tuna steaks and fillets of the Madeiran black scabbard fish, are just some examples of the many regional specialities.

You must also try the typical regional dishes, such as tuna steak with fried corn, the delicious "espetada" of beef grilled on a spit of laurel and the special bread cake known as bolo do caco.

Fruit lovers will find a real paradise in Madeira! There is an abundance of tropical fruits such as mango, banana, avocado, custard apple and passion fruit, offering you exotic flavours to round off a delicious meal. They can be eaten either in their natural state or in puddings, mousses and ice-creams.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll love the island’s rich variety of cakes and pastries.The most typical sweets are the Madeiran honey cake (Bolo-de-Mel) and the smaller honey cakes known as broas de mel, flavoured with various spices and made from sugar cane honey.

You also have a varied range of drinks to choose from. There are exotically-flavoured fruit juices - such as passion-fruit, papaya and guava - as well as the famous "poncha" (a punch made of sugar-cane brandy and lemon). You can also enjoy the famous Madeira wines - Malvasia (Malmsey), Sercial, Boal and Verdelho - which can be enjoyed with coffee or drunk as aperitifs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savour these gastronomic specialities and delight in the range of tasty things to eat. You’ll find it well worthwhile!

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