Portuguese Wines

Discover the Portuguese wine routes and learn about an art-form that has taken centuries to perfect.

Wherever you are in the country, there’s a chance to find out about the people and places involved in making Portuguese wine. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Lose yourself in the stunning landscapes of the wine-making regions: from the charming, verdant Minho where the vinho verde grapes grow on trellises, to the terraces of the Douro, the oldest demarcated region in the world and home of the famous port wine.

In Centro de Portugal region meanwhile, the wine routes run not through the countryside, but through towns.Each is brimming with history. Venture further south and the routes near the capital have a close connection to water. Along the River Tagus, the Ribatejo Route travels through fertile fields irrigated when the river bursts its banks.

Finally, the Alentejo Wine Route stretches out over plains scorched by the powerful sun.

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