Walking in Centro de Portugal

© Centro de Portugal - Loriga - Glacial Valley
The simple pleasure of an invigorating walk allows you to discover the secrets hidden in the mountains of Beira Alta.

Pack your rucksack and set off on an adventurous trek around the Serra da Lousã and the Serra do Açor, where you can discover the Mata da Margaraça, part of the European Network of Biogenetic Reserves.

Walk at your own pace and breathe in the pure, fresh air. In the middle of these mountains, which were once owned by bishops, visitors can see the fabulous group of waterfalls that make up Fraga da Pena.

The sound of crashing water is all around, inviting you to take a swim in the lakes and rivers that you’ll find around here.

As you enter the forest, you will be struck by the lushness of the original vegetation, which still remains largely intact in the mountains of central Portugal.Visit the historic village of Piódão which caprtures the balance between the natural world and the region’s traditional customs.

Replenish your energies in one of the rural houses that are open to tourists in the mountain villages. When you come down for dinner, treat your taste buds to a hearty dish of migas de bacalhau (cod, breadcrumbs and garlic), followed by cabrito assado (roast kid), and then round off your meal with a tigelada (a baked dessert made of eggs, milk and cinnamon).

Allow yourself to be seduced by the simple pleasures of life in the mountains.

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