Festroia Film Festival - Setúbal

The city of Setúbal, located in the Lisboa Region, once again hosts the international film festival Festroia.

During the 28th edition of this festival, held from September 21 to 30, around 180 films from around the world, focusing on works from Europe, will be screened. This edition will highlight Croatian cinematography, with the screening of 27 films.

Celebrating more than two decades of existence, Festroia has consolidated its reputation both in Portugal and abroad, attracting big names in the world of cinema such as Pedro Almodovar, Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall and Dennis Hopper.

In addition to being able to watch great cinema, make the most of this visit to Setubal to take a tour of the Lisboa Region's natural wonders. Around Setubal you can find several nature conservation areas, including the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, where you can watch dolphins, and Arrábida Nature Park, with its unique characteristics and species that can only be found in Mediterranean areas

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Source: Newsletter Lisboa Inside

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