Fish & shellfish, Peniche

The coastline to the north of Lisbon is well known for its shellfish and its wines, produced here since times immemorial.

Off the wonderful Ericeira beach, with its royal connections, and the neighbouring Ribamar beach, or to the north in the Lourinhã region and with beaches such as Porto de Barcas leading the way, are the key shell fishing grounds.

Thus, for delicious fish, from the sardines of Peniche or any other similarly coal-grilled fish through to the rich flavours of a ‘caldeirada’ fish stew, this region is the place to be. From Peniche through to Foz do Arelho, there are molluscs aplenty with the Óbidos Lagoon providing particularly rich pickings.Search out the simple restaurants on the beaches around Lourinhã, where the shellfish is particularly excellent.

To accompany a meal or a snack, opt for one of the fine local wines such as those from Torres Vedras, Bombarral or Arruda dos Vinhos.

And that is just the fish beginnings to the delights of the local cuisine. Indeed, finish your tour in Óbidos, a wonderful walled medieval town, for a local ginginha cherry liqueur to round off a well spent day.

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