Lisboa Story Centre - Memories of the City

Built on the hills bathed by the Tagus, and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Lisboa is a fascinating mosaic of memories, stories and influences that still mark the urban landscape of this unique city.

The various events that make up its history and some of its protagonists are now presented at Lisboa Story Centre, where all who visit the Portuguese capital are invited to make a trip back in time and discover memories of Lisboa, since its foundation until present day.

Located in Terreiro do Paço, this interactive technology-based facility relates the main events in the city from past to present.

In a playful and interactive way whilst respecting the historical accuracy that a city with Lisboa's past deserves, this interpretation centre takes visitors on a 60 minute journey through space and time with an audio guide system presenting historically accurate events and dramatic scenes of the city's different eras.

The tour is organized into six main sections: Lisboa: Myths and Realities, which covers the River, Land, Sea, Sky, Early mythology, settlers and conquerors and the City Walls.

This is followed by the section Lisboa: Global City, which presents the Cosmopolitan City, the Warehouse of the World, Beyond the Horizon, the Flying Priest, Magnificent City, Death and Politics and the Church. The section focusing on November 1755, All Saints Day, addresses the earthquake and the city in ruins, passing on to the core vision of Pombal, who introduces Modern City Planning in the postearthquake period and the Reconstruction of the City. And finally, the Terreiro do Paço section, which focuses on the Public Square: Politics and Leisure.

The 1755 earthquake is shown in a sensory theatre experience that captivates all visitors.

You can extend your tour with a visit to the 1st floor where visitors can play with an interactive scale model that recreates the centre of Lisboa, allowing you to visualise predetermined events and the places where they occurred.

Opening hours:
Every day - 10am/8pm, last tour at 19h

Individual ticket
- Adults - 9 €
- Senior citizens (+65) - 7 €
- Children (ages 6 to 15) - 5 €
- Children (up to 5 years) - Gratuito Free

Families (2 adults+2 children up to the age of 15) - 25 €

Grupes (10 people)
- Adults - 7 €
- Seniores citizens - 6 €
- Children - 4 €

Visitors with a Lisboa Card benefit from a 20% discount on the admission price.

Public transport:
- Metro | Underground – Terreiro do Paço (lblue line); Baixa Chiado (green line)
- Bus - 728, 732, 735, 736, 759, 760, 781, 782
- Tram – E15 e E25


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