9th International Digital Art Festival - Madeira Dig

From November 30 to the 3rd of December, Casa das Mudas Arts Centre in Calheta hosts the 9th 'International Digital Art Festival - Madeira Dig. This is a cultural event dedicated to digital art, namely experimental electronic music, films, digital video and interactive performances and facilities.

Several personalities from the electronic music and audio-visuals scene will boost this year’s event, with groups like Biosphere, Sculpture, Leyland Kirby/The Caretaker, Pete Swanson and Jana Winderen, amongst others.

“MadeiraDig” began in 2004 with the purpose of appealing internationally acclaimed artists from music, film, video, art, IT and photography industries to the island and also, to inspire Madeiran citizens to be inventive in these areas.

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Source: Madeira Tourism  

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