Do you know filigree?

Photo from Viana do Castelo Filigree by ©Jose Manuel

Do you know filigree? It is a way of working with gold or silver, transforming wires thin as hair into the most delicate of pieces. Made of spirals and wavy lines, the traditional forms continue to be reproduced. You never get weary of them and they maintain the lustre and the attraction of times past.

Ear-rings, bracelets and necklaces for personal use are the most common way of using it, as you will be able to notice in Minho where it is the most important accessory of the regional costume.

Not even the new designers resist the noble metal and give it new forms each day.It continues to inspire plastic artists.

Remember the symbol for the Euro 2004? In a ball surrounded by a yellow heart, the traditional filigree merged with the passion for football.

Do not resist either and take a piece home. The most important workshops can be found in the north of the country and the best known are Póvoa do Lanhoso, Gondomar and Travassos, where you can also get to know this art in detail at the Gold Museum.

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