Giant Waves Return to Praia do Norte

©Nazaré Qualifica - Vítor Estrelinha - Jorge Leal
 It was forecasted a big swell this week in Nazaré. But contrary to all predictions, that were pointing to poor weather and wind conditions, Praia do Norte was favored with big and perfect waves, with more than ten meters, which delighted Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, José Gregório and Ruben Gonzalez, under the project ZON North Canyon Show 2012.

On Wednesday, Garrett McNamara and Andrew Cotton surfed awesome waves, but also had two of their heaviest beatings, where they could apply what they had learned with Martin Stepanek, Freediver World Champion (free-diving), who was the week before in Nazaré to teach breathing techniques and aquatic survival.

That same day, the Portuguese duo José Gregório and Ruben Gonzalez was also in Praia do Norte to surf some waves, such as the Portuguese surfer Hugo Vau, who was towed by Garrett McNamara in some respectful waves.

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The ZON NORTH CANYON SHOW is a three year project, started in 2010, and is developed by Nazaré Qualifica in partnership with the Town Hall of Nazaré and sponsored by ZON. The project includes surfing, tow-in and stand up paddle aiming to internationally promote Nazaré as a reference tourist destination to the practice of big-wave sports and to shoot three documentaries that record the sports activity of Garrett McNamara and the daily life of this village.

Garrett McNamara is one of the most respected big-wave surfers in the world. During the last decade he has traveled the world in search of new challenges at sea and he was immediately surprised by the waves’ potential of Nazaré, in particular the ones of Praia do Norte, which are under the effect of the phenomenon known as “Canyon of Nazaré”. This is a rare geomorphologic accident, the biggest in Europe and one of the largest in the world, consisting on a failure on the continental plate with 170 kilometers long and five kilometers deep. The “Nazaré Canyon” channels the swell from the Atlantic Ocean to Praia do Norte creating large waves and providing unique conditions to this sports.

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