Lisboa Architecture Triennale

The aims of the third edition of the Lisboa Architecture Triennale, which takes place from 12th September to 15th December 2013, are to research, encourage and promote architecture, in particular projects by Portuguese architects, nationally and internationally to the specialist and non-specialist public.

Under the title “Close, Closer”, the Triennale will examine the political, technological, emotional and institutional forms of spatial practice by publicly questioning the terminology, practical aspects, inspirations, inventions and influences on the city and making it known to new publics.

Over a three-month period, the team of curators headed by London-based Beatrice Galilee will analyse the multiple possibilities of architectural production through exhibitions, events, performances and debates to be held in various venues in Lisboa.

The goal is to provide a platform for discussion and present an alternative proposal for understanding architecture as a form of spatial practice. The exhibitions, conferences, talks and fringe events will present this wide-ranging and often uncharted field to the public and a new generation of architects.

“Close, Closer” includes three exhibitions, a public programme, an e-publishing series, a student prize, a Début Award for young architects and a Lifetime Achievement Award. This edition has also created a new type of competition called Crisis Buster, which grants a limited number of scholarships to teams that submit ideas for short- or long-term projects for Lisboa.

From September to December 2013, the Lisboa Architecture Triennale will be a critical platform for the plurality of contemporary spatial practice. The events and exhibitions will introduce architecture as a discipline that is not exclusive to professionals or defined only by buildings, but rather as an expanding field with which, amongst others, sociologists, scientists, curators and artists are all dynamically and radically engaging.

In the meantime the Triennale has defined a parallel programme, “Intervalo”, which includes the ongoing production of cyclical events, such as the organisation of competitions, conferences, exhibitions, publications and audiovisual productions, all in Lisboa.

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