The Flip & Flap: New Website from Tap Portugal for children

The Flip & Flap website is a TAP Portugal project that was created for children between the ages of 2 and 9 and has the goal of developing the spirit of fellowship and responsibility by transmitting values of courage and friendship.

We want your kid to have a safe, educational and fun experience, so we created a set of interactive content that you can enjoy together:

A “book” of adventures that take place in famous cities where you can join Flip & Flap while they solve the most intriguing mysteries (see the Adventures of Flip & Flap);

Games of skill and memory like the “Up in the Air” where you can fly with Flip & Flap or the “Memory Game”, where you have to find the pair of each card (visit the games area);

Designs that you can download to your computer so your kid can colour, find the differences and decorate your desktop (see the Drawings area).

We want to be innovative at all times by creating new content and challenges that will help your kid grow, learn and have fun. If you have any question or suggestion you can reach us through the contact form or through the number 21 123 45 67.

Bring your kids, come in and have fun with these little friends that have games, adventures and a lot more prepared for you!

Enter the site here!

Source: Tap Portugal

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