The application "Talking Heritage – Multimedia Tours in Sintra" is now available for download from the "App Store".

This platform gives visitors the opportunity to make use of an interactive experience that complements some of the most notable areas of the Parks of Pena, Monserrate and the Capuchos Convent by providing videos, photographs, sound and text.

Visitors to Sintra can now get to know more about some of the landscape's never before seen secrets. This project combines radio-frequency identifiers and QR codes via the use of smartphones to provide tours that have previously been designated for visitors.

"A visitor can now see that which their eyes normally wouldn't notice and can learn about some of Sintra's lesser known treasures. The idea is that each person can make a visit that stimulates curiosity, accompanied by a series of surprising natural treasures that speak for themselves", explained Maria Inês Moreira, coordinator of the BIO+Sintra – Reducing our Carbon footprint, a contribution to Sintra's biodiversity project.

The Talking Heritage tours are designed by BIO+Sintra, with the aim of promoting public participation in the conservation of Serra de Sintra's natural treasures such as the area’s amphibians and the relic forest. The project further aims to teach people about the relationship between carbon emissions, climate change and the loss of biodiversity. In this light, the project hopes to contribute to the introduction of sustainable and environmentally friendly visits to Sintra.

Those interested in the application can find it at here.

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Source: Parques de Sintra

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