The Yeatman Wins Best Hotel Spa of the Year 2013

The Yeatman is pleased to announce that its Vinothérapie® Spa by Caudalie has just won the prestigious award for Hotel Spa of the Year - Europe at the World Spa & Wellness Awards 2013!

The Yeatman’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Bridge and Spa Director, Adília Oliveira collected the prize last night at the awards ceremony, Sunday, 24th February, at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, in London. The Vinothérapie Spa by Caudalie at The Yeatman was the only Spa in Portugal to win an award, counting among the best spas in the world.

The World Spa & Wellness Awards 2013 distinguish spas on an international level that respect certain parameters in quality, innovation and services, and are distributed among 10 different categories.

The various winners from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North and South America, were evaluated by a group of specialists who selected the best in the world, first by shortlist and then through various inspection visits to analyse the characteristics and services of each Spa.

The final voting was made by the Jury of the World Spa and Wellness Awards, based on the excellence of service and experience each spa has to offer. This award for The Yeatman is recognition not only of the quality and excellence of service, but also of Caudalie products, the Vinotherapie® treatments, and the luxurious facilities that the Vinothérapie Spa by Caudalie has to offer; all with the most beautiful views over the River Douro and the city of Porto.

Source: The Yeatman Hotel


Algarve: Almond trees in blossom

The Algarvian countryside clothed in white

Heralding the arrival of spring, almond blossoms bathe the Algarve in an unforgettable and dazzling show.

A delicate mantle of pink and white extends throughout the Barrocal lands on the orchards of inland Algarve, where many villages retain their Arabic names.

There, the special colour bestowed on the countryside by the luxuriant almond trees recalls the same flowers which, long ago, enchanted a certain Northern princess, as the Moorish Legend of the Almond Blossom tells us.

According to this delightful story, during the time when Al Garb still belonged to the Moors, there reigned a young Caliph in Silves called Ibn-Almundim, who fell in love and married Gilda, the daughter of a great lord from the North, who had been defeated in battle by the Moorish king.

Their love was mutual, and the marriage was celebrated in grand style. However, the beautiful princess grew sadder day by day, with the Caliph unable to make her smile. They consulted magicians and wise men from all over the world, but none could find a cure for her sadness…

Until one day when an old Nordic man told the king that Gilda was longing for the white snow-covered fields of her homeland. Ibn-Almundim then ordered thousands of almond trees to be planted outside the windows of the palace, which, when they were in blossom, covered the land with white petals. The illusion took away her longing and she became joyful once more.

And this is why, since that spring so long ago, the Algarve relives each year the magic of the almond blossom.

Source: VisitAlgarve


New Hotel Villa Aljustrel

The Hotel Villa Aljustrel is placed in the heart of a peaceful town in Alentejo, named Aljustrel, within Beja’s district.

The mines, a local reference, clearly influenced the arquitecture and decoration of this hotel.

A set of modern and contemporary lines inject to Villa Aljustrel harmony, wellbeing and comfort. An amazing panoramic sight upon all the town and surroundings create an ideal environment to a day of work or enjoying a relaxing sunset.

The Hotel Villa Aljustrel has 33 rooms, bar, restaurant, gym, sauna, Turkish bath and a package of services which guarantee the comfort and the satisfaction of every guest.

The rooms:
Inside of every room you will find a decoration which connects the excel to tradition of the town through illustrated pictures of the mines and Alentejo sayings in scripted on the room walls. Enjoy also a great sight that will give you “good morning” in a special way.

The rooms are divided in three categories: Copper, Silver and Gold. The comfort of and the modern design are a strong presence in all of the categories. The rooms are spacy and warm, with generous beds providing the best comfort. In the privacy of your own bedroom enjoy, for instance, a nice bubble bath, a movie and beautiful sunset in the Alentejo plains.

The Oliva bar located next to the meeting room, is at your disposal for while you work or simply on the internet, have a refreshing cocktail or grab a bit to eat. Once again besides the charming decoration, the hotel does not let you forget where you are due to the traditional details.

There is also at your service near the gym and the sauna, a bar, right on the terrace where you might relax and re-fill your energies from your workout or after a long day. Accompanying you will be a magnificent panoramic view over the entire town.

The Fio D’Azeite restaurant, offers the Alentejo culture within the dish. The flavours and the alentejos spice mixed with the best meat raised in the plains are in hotel Villa Aljustrel and at your disposal in the restaurant Fio D’Azeite. Come and see our gastronomic traditions while enjoying your stay. Don’t let anyone tell you what it tastes like, come and taste it yourself.

Sauna and Turkish Bath:
In Hotel Villa Aljustrel you can also take care of your body since you have available gymnasium services, sauna and Turkish bath to relax after a great training.

Meeting room:
The hotel Villa Aljustrel gives you the best environment so that you can perform your work within your hotel to relax. Take advantage of our facilities and meet with your associates and business partners and stay within the matters related to their work. This space is also available for trainings and other events.

R. General Humberto Delgado
7600-099 Aljustrel
+351 284 600 800 

Source:  Hotel Villa Aljustrel

Óbidos’ Festival transforms into “The Chocolate Factory”

The International Chocolate Festival of Óbidos will take place from February 22 to March 17. This year’s event is inspired by the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, a very strong reason to come to Obidos and to join one of the most popular events, as well as the greatest chocolate exhibition of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Festival’s edition of 2013, once again, will only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, during four week-ends. One of the surprises of this year is the “My Chocolate Box” competition, which will award a prize to the most creative boxes for chocolate. Another innovation will be “The Chocolate Factory”, a wide space for making chocolate candies, where one may observe the pastry chefs at work. We will also introduce, for those who would like to improve their cooking skills, an interesting bookshop with baking and pastry recipes, especially with chocolate ingredients. Still another revelation of this edition will be “The Chocolate Laboratory”, an area dedicated to cocktail experimentation in an investigation environment.

As in previous years, the Festival will hold several competitions such as the International Chocolate Recipe Competition, The Portuguese Chocolatier of the Year Competition, the Chocolate Windowfront Competition and the most expected Chocolate Sculpture Competition. The famous Chocolate Fashion Show (with several chocolate accessories) will be held on March 16, in St. Mary´s Square, at 10pm.

Children will also have an opportunity at the event if they are led to the “Kids Cooking”, a kitchen atelier, especially designed for little ones, with professional surveillance. Adults may as well participate in the Chocolate Courses, from level 1 (for those who are about to start the art of preparing chocolate desserts) to level III (for those who already dominate the technique, but would like to know more).

In the old fortress area, where the event will take place, there will be a live chocolate sculpture-making, show cooking demonstrations, where traditional desserts and salty dishes (fish and meat) will be prepared with chocolate ingredients, body painting demonstrations and a game area for children if a chocolate break is needed.

Óbidos’ restaurants join the event by including in their menus specific dishes with chocolate ingredients.

Tickets are sold at the ticket office of the event or via internet .

Useful information:
Opening hours:
- Fridays – from 2pm to 8pm
- Saturdays – from 10am to 10pm
- Sundays – from 10am to 8pm

- Adults (from 12 years old inclusive) – 7,00 euros
- Children from 6 to 11 years old – 5,00 euros
- Free entrance for Óbidos Via Verde para a Cultura card holders
- Residents living in the municipality – free entrance on Fridays
- Chocolate Courses – 7,50 euros (necessary to buy the ticket for the event)
- Kids Cooking – 3,00 euros (reservation for groups: +351 939 430 701)
- Tickets for groups (50 people or more) – 6,00 euros
- Ticket reservation for groups +351 262 959 231 or

Source: CM Óbidos

Madeira: Spa & Wellness

Feel like getting away from everyday stress? In need of a rest and a bit of pampering for body and soul? Take a few days off and reserve a room at a spa hotel in the island of Madeira.

This floating garden is a truly idyllic setting for discovering the perfect balance between body and soul – an invitation to relax you just can’t afford to turn down.

Long-famed for its therapeutic qualities, the Madeira Destination continues to offer its visitors wellsprings of pure pleasure and wellbeing.

  You can discover the charms of the calm warm sea, explore the rich natural heritage of the Laurissilva forest, or simply delight in the comfort of one of the region’s countless hotels, equipped with a vast range of Spa and Wellness programmes run by qualified technicians. Or you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the sand and water of Porto Santo, rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium, a source of genuine health in the fight against stress and fatigue.

Feel the murmur of a waterfall, the soft touch of the sea breeze, the sheer purity of the air you breathe, unique sensations that restore the balance between mind and body.


Find more about Spa & Wellness in Madeira islands at:
- in Madeira


Fado at Oceanário: A unique experience in Lisbon

Is can be said that Fado is the soul of the Portuguese people. Listening each lyrics, each poem accompanied by Portuguese guitar, we can sense the presence of the sea, the sailors, fishermen and fishwives, the Lisbon's neighborhoods, the farewells, the fate and "Saudade" (Portuguese expression for missing someone or something).

Together, Fado and the guitar, come from a history connected to the sea. The Oceanário de Lisboa presents this history with an unique moment in an unforgettable scenario.

The scenario, the Central Aquarium

The centerpiece of the permanent exhibit of the Oceanário de Lisboa, represents all the oceans in one. With five million litters of saltwater, this impressive aquarium with seven meters high, hosts several species of sharks, rays, schooling fish, creating an underwater scenario that brings the feeling of immersion.

Fado no Oceanário from Notícias do Parque on Vimeo.

Fado at Oceanário
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Price: 60€ person (without dinner)
80€ person (with dinner)

The program runs only with a minimum of 25 persons and a maximum of 40 persons.
With unmarked seats.
The reservation requires advance payment.
Dos not include visit.
Information and reservation: 218 917 006 or

Source: Oceanário de Lisboa

Porto: New Theme Park dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries

The company Mystic Invest, a company of the group Douro Azul, is investing over six million euros on a theme park dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries.

The project is called “World of Discoveries” and it’s going to be the “first theme park and interactive museum about the saga of Portuguese Discoveries”, in Portugal.

The park will be installed in the former warehouse of the Port Wine Company Real Companhia Velha, in Miragaia, occupying an area of more than 4.000 covered square meters, next to the Douro Azul Tourist Welcome Centre. The company expects the project to be concluded in time for the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the beginning of the Ceuta campaign, in 1414, which signs the beginning of the Portuguese maritime expansion and of the epopee of the Discoveries.

The World of Discoveries is going to be a multimedia theme park “giving visitors the possibility to feel interactively and on an environment representing the reality of those times, all the atmosphere of the Portuguese travels, of the storms they endured, the difficulties they experienced, the excitement of discovering new people and land, the pirates attacks or the racks they have suffered, the departure and arrival to those different places of our collective history, reliving as well as the moments that preceded the trip”. The space will also include the recreation of the atmosphere of the building of the ships, from the shipyards to the replica of a navigation school, the supply of the raw materials and the loading quay.

The company expects 250.000 visitors per year.

For further information: 

Source:  Porto Turismo


Azores: “sea of Emotions” is the theme of the 2013 Sanjoaninas Festival

The 2013 Sanjoaninas Festival will take place between the 21st and 29th of June in Angra do Heroísmo, on Terceira Island, and has as it's central theme “Sea of Emotions”, an edition to bring together the emigrant community.

Ricardo Matias, president of the Festival Committee, described a “sea of emotions” as emotions brought about by the landscapes, food, heritage and festivities of Terceira as well as the good humour and hospitality of Terceira islanders.

The Sanjoaninas are the biggest popular festivities in the Azores and offer a visiting card for many tourists who journey to Terceira island, in order to partake in and share local traditions and customs.

This festivities date back to the XVI century and have always played a key role in the culture of the Azores. They begin with the opening procession and march of the queen and continue for several days, encompassing cultural, recreational, ethnographic and sporting activities.

One of the highpoints of the festivities is the Sanjoaninas Bullfighting Festival which is one of the most important events of its kind in the Iberian peninsular and includes bullfights, bullfights with ropes and bull runs in the streets.

This is one of the archipelago's festivals that should not be missed.

More information at

2013/02/14 Itineraries

A safari in Alentejo or a family trip in Gerês? Evenings of romance in Cascais and Sintra or the adventures of searching for the “Treasure of the Templars”? offers over 60 specially designed itineraries for you and your loved ones to explore and enjoy. 
Which one would you pick?

Have a look:) 

The Maritime Museum in Lisbon, celebrates 150 years

Located in Belem, the Maritime Museum celebrates this year its 150th anniversary, with a diverse events calendar to be held throughout 2013.

Among the planned events, highlights include "The Maritime Museum's Birthday", a project aimed at children and youths, featuring a photo contest, the launch the book in English "Treasures of the Maritime Museum" and the inauguration of the exhibit of the naval frigate D. Fernando II e Glória and the Barracuda submarine, both in dry dock in Cacilhas.

The celebrations will also include an evocative race, organized by "Marinha do Tejo, a "Maritime Book Fair" held at the Museum, and the International Congress of Maritime Museums 2013, whose program includes special events at the Maritime Museum.

Praça do Império - Belém
1400-206 Lisboa
Telephone / +351 21 362 00 19
Fax / +351 21 363 19 87
E-mail /
Website / 

More information about the museum at:
- da Marinha
- da Marinha

Source: Lisboa Inside Webletter

Vilamoura Equestrian AtlanticTour 2013

From the 19th of  February to th 7th of  April 2013, come to Vilamoura and see close-up an exciting equestrian competition !
The event will include approximately 250 riders and 650 horses competing throughout the month, with 8 competitions for the Rankings of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). Organised by Equievents Prime Sports, the competition includes national riders, as well as those Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and Dubai !!
Come to the Vilamoura Jumping Arena and experience the beauty of the horses and the expertise of the riders!!
Useful links:

Source: Alubox

Fantasporto - Oporto International Film Festival

Prepare for the Fantasporto fantasy, Oporto International Film Festival, from the 25th of February to the 10th of March 2013.

The city is inundated with the imaginary, the fantastic and science fiction during Fantasporto, considered to be one of the best of this kind in the world.

Click here to see the programme.

More information about Fantasporto at:

Douro and Porto elected 'Wine Village of the year' by Swedish wine club

The largest wine club in the world, the Swedish Munskänkarna, chose Porto and the Douro as 'Wine Village of the Year’ 2012, a distinction  delivered on last February 6.

The club Munskänkarna, with 24.000 members, elects every year, since 1993, a city/region as 'The Wine village of the Year', a distinction until now only awarded to cities/regions in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain and South Africa.

"It is with pride that Porto and Douro receive this distinction, which praises the Portuguese wines, promotes the world’s most ancient wine region acknowledged by international wine experts, and praises the city that lands its name to the Port wine (Vinho do Porto, in Portuguese), said the president of the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto, Manuel Novaes Cabral.

More information about Porto and Douro at:

- Porto and the Gaia wine lodges
Wines from Douro and Porto 
- Wine-growing Upper Douro
- Enjoy the landscape where Port Wine is produced
- Wonderful Douro

Source: Great Wine Capitals Newsletters


Tivoli Hotels & Resorts launch mobile version of site

From now on, anyone accessing  with a smartphone will find a new site optimized for mobile devices with highly intuitive and direct navigation, making bookings really easy, while finding out what you need to know about our different hotels, restaurants, bars and spas couldn't be simpler.

Optimized for Android and i-Phones, this new site is adapted for mobile users, not just with regard to content and navigation but also in relation to reservations.

The mobile site makes it easy to book hotels, restaurants, bars and spa treatments. Full information is available on all our hotels, the Brasserie Flo, Terraço, Hippopotamus, Pepper’s Steakhouse and Arola Vintetres restaurants, the Aqua Lounge, Duna Beach, Purobeach and Side Bar in the Algarve and the Sky Bar in Lisbon, not forgetting the 3 Banyan Tree spas. You can even join our Tivoli GHA Discovery Loyalty Programme.

Source: Tivoli Hotels & Resorts

Portugal: Seaside Hideaways

©John Copland
Every day is right for romance. In Portugal, the sea provides you with the perfect setting for savouring those days you’ve always dreamed of.

Come and discover long expanses of golden sand, visiting beaches that are a genuine paradise and feeling the inspiration of the sun from the north to the south of the country. Or even in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, if you visit the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take advantage of our seaside hideaways to enjoy a little romance. Choose from amongst the many charming beaches of the Alentejo coast and the Algarve, and spend some time with your partner discovering small bays and rocky coves.

If you’re in the islands, make sure to try out the special sun decks of Funchal, in Madeira, or the fantastic tiny island of Vila Franca do Campo, in the Azores.Besides enjoying the wonders of nature, discover some of the oldest traditions linked with the sea, on beaches that still seem to be living in another age, or see with your very own eyes landscapes that continue to inspire artists from all over the world.

Whilst enjoying all these pleasures, don’t forget to enhance them even further by enjoying some of the delicious cuisine that the Atlantic Ocean has to offer us. Who can resist the taste of a freshly caught grilled fish, eaten at sunset and accompanied by an excellent chilled wine?

Days of pure romance await you. Don’t hesitate any longer and come and enjoy them in Portugal.

See more suggestions about Portugal Seaside Hideaways here.

Douro is best for couples

Mesão Frio, Douro Photo
©Carlos-Pinto for Câmara Municipal de Mesão Frio
The World Heritage Douro valley is a captivating destination for couples.

In the Gaia wine cellars, taste the Port and learn about the stages involved in its production. Old traditions highlight the symbiosis between river, land and this wine, too precious to be fully appreciated alone.

From the S. Leonardo da Galafura viewpoint, the soft smoothness of the river incites warmth and affection.Take the steam train and, with your good company, delight at the beauty of the vines layered down over granite steps.

In Pinhão, enjoy the warm nostalgia conjured up by the fine tiles decorating the station. On the south bank, head into a landscape defined by rocky bluffs and the force of nature. With the most imposing views out over the river, the S. Salvador do Mundo viewpoint is a place for festivity and romance. During the annual festival, girls seeking husbands tie knots in the woadwaxen lining local paths to ensure their beloved find their way into their arms.As winter draws to a close, the banks of the river are enveloped in the white mists of flowering almond trees. The sun’s warmth begins to mature not only the fruits but also lovers’ hearts. And by autumn, with the vines replete in their golden and ruby fruits, the labour and happiness of harvest time bring forth that romance.

Sleep on enveloped in the seductiveness of nature under fabulous views out over the Douro provided by the hotels and manor houses in the region, while not neglecting to visit one of the estates producing the rich nectars of this region.

For more suggestions about Douro click here.


The Stars Route 2013

Following the success of the “Stars Route” in the previous editions in 2010, 2011 and 2012, the gastronomic festival will be repeated this year.

Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts, Altis Hotels, Vila Vita Parc, Vila Joya, Casa da Calçada, Fortaleza do Guincho and The Yeatman will join hands this year in a tour promoting the outstanding cuisine of Portugal, with a total of 7 events .

The Stars Route 2013 starts on the 20th February and goes until November, from the North to the South of Portugal and passing through Madeira Island.

The Chefs Benoît Sinthon, Dieter Koschina, Hans Neuner, José Cordeiro, Ricardo Costa, Vincent Farges and Vítor Matos will host various events which promises to offer exclusive and exceptional culinary experiences .

Each event will count with the presence of invited international chefs. The common denominator for the Chefs is belonging to the elite circle of excellence recognized by the Michelin Guide.

Thus, at each event, the host Chef will receive another two, all with Michelin stars, to prepare as a team a tasting menu incorporating some of the distinguished dishes from the famous guide, while also seeking out the richness of flavors and products from each Region.

Besides Il Gallo d'Oro, the starting point for the Stars Route, the following restaurants will also take part in this edition: The Yeatman (Oporto); the Ocean in the Vila Vita Park Hotel (Algarve); Feitoria in the hotel Altis Belém(Lisbon); the Fortaleza do Guincho (Cascais); the Vila Joya (Algarve); and the Largo do Paço restaurant, in the Casa da Calçada (Amarante). A true itinerant culinary festival that will offer the opportunity for the gastronomic lovers to enjoy and taste the best things done in Portugal.

Come and participate in this route of flavors of excellence !!

Events dates:
-  Il Gallo D’Oro | 20-26 February | The Cliff Bay - Funchal
The-Yeatman | 18-20 April  | The Yeatman Hotel - Porto
Ocean  | 17-18 May  | Vila Vita Parc - Algarve
Feitoria  | 21-22 June  | Altis Belém Hotel -Lisbon
Fortaleza do Guincho  | 13-14 September  | Cascais
Vila Joya  | 11-12 October (to be confirmed]  | Algarve
Largo do Paço  | 14-15 November  | Casa da Calçada - Amarante

Contact info:

Source: Rotas das Estrela

Almond Blossom Route - Watch spring burst into bloom again in 2013

Come aboard a memorable journey to the Almond Blossom Route and amaze yourself with a huge view of flowers in one of the greenest parts of Portugal.

This is one of the oldest excusions in the CP (Portuguese railway company) catalogue and it lets you see history and tradition hand in hand with natural spendour in a breath-taking journey to the Upper Douro and Trás-os-Montes.

Rattling across the Upper Douro and Trás-os-Montes in special trains, between Porto-Campanhã/Pocinho and back, the Almond Route involves 3 road trips of your choice.

Visit the CP website to find out the train times and any other information you may require.

- Road Trip A: Adults €36 | Children €19 (5 to 12 inclusive)
- Road Trip B/C: Adults €34 | Children €19 (5 to 12 inclusive)

Does not include mini-bar service available on board.

Dates and Times:
Saturdays: 2, 9, 16 and 23 March 2013


Weekdays 09h00/ 13h00 and 14h00/ 18h00

Minho, Douro and Vouga Line Management:
Telephones: 221 052 524/ 503/ 511
Website: Blossom Route

Source: CP


Coach Museum launches new digital guide

Transforming visits to the National Coach Museum into an interactive experience is the aim of the new free application for iPhone, developed by Exciting Space.

Throughout the exhibition route, visitors can visually discover fantastic stories about the coaches, using multimedia, graphics and animation content. The free download can be done via the appstore or at the entrance of the museum, a WIFI area.

Housed in the former Royal Stables (Picadeiro Real), the National Coach Museum displays an exceptional collection of royal carriages, from the 17th century to the late 19th century.

Considered the most remarkable collections of its kind in the world, it allows the visitor to understand not only the technical evolution of animal-drawn transport, but also how changing tastes through the centuries were expressed in the decorative ornamentation of the carriages.

The main gallery in the style of Luis XVI, is occupied by two rows of carriages built for Portuguese royalty, of enormous wealth. Highlights include the three huge Baroque carriages made in Rome for the Portuguese ambassador to the Vatican, Dom Rodrigo Almeida e Menezes sent to Pope Clement XI at the behest of King João V.

The National Coach Museum is one of the most popular museums in Portugal and the most visited in Lisboa

You can download the app from here

Praça Afonso de Albuquerque
1300-044 Lisboa
Tel: (351) 213 610 850
Fax: (351) 213 632 503

Source: Webletter Lisboa Inside


Let's celebrate the spirit of Carnival in Madeira Islands

The Carnival, or Mardi Gras, celebrations in Madeira take place on Saturday with a fabulous parade of floats and remains an essentially folk festival.

Groups with thousands of participants flood the main streets of Funchal with music and contagious enjoyment. This is a week of healthy madness that invades the hotels, bars and clubs, turning them into permanent parties.

In an atmosphere of effusive revelry there are surprising examples of creativity and imagination and there is no shortage of daring caricatures in the Cortejo Trapalhão costume parade on Shrove Tuesday.

For further Information visit: 

Click here for see the Madeira Carnival Programme


Portugal, Romance all year round

February is the month for lovers, with Valentine’s Day being the perfect excuse for doing things as a couple. How about getting away for a break to Portugal? We offer you some romantic suggestions for enjoying a special moment together. But, if you can’t come right now, don’t worry, Portugal is the perfect place for romance all year round. And there are always plenty of special offers!

Have you ever heard of the great love affair of Inês de Castro and the king Dom Pedro I? We suggest you visit the beautiful Quinta das Lágrimas in Coimbra and find out all about one of Portugal’s most beautiful love stories. But, if your heart can take it, the islands of the Azores are another perfect destination. There, on the island of São Miguel, you’ll find a lake that’s half blue and half green. They say the colour of its water comes from the tears shed by a prince with green eyes and a princess with blue eyes. Pure romance!

If it’s beautiful landscapes that inspire you, how about a cruise on the River Douro or a pleasant stroll through the scenic gardens of the island of Madeira? Or perhaps you might prefer to discover Lisbon and Porto. Take a ride on a tram or visit the Port wine cellars, and fall in love with the charm of these two Portuguese cities.

And to round off your trip in style, why not take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the town of Sintra? Or you might prefer to admire the splendour of the sunset over the sea in the Algarve or in the Alentejo, or enjoy a candlelit dinner in Óbidos.

So, now you know, there’s no need to celebrate your love on just one day. Invite your loved one to join you in discovering a country where romance needs no special calendar.

For more suggestions on Romance please check Visitportugal.com