Coach Museum launches new digital guide

Transforming visits to the National Coach Museum into an interactive experience is the aim of the new free application for iPhone, developed by Exciting Space.

Throughout the exhibition route, visitors can visually discover fantastic stories about the coaches, using multimedia, graphics and animation content. The free download can be done via the appstore or at the entrance of the museum, a WIFI area.

Housed in the former Royal Stables (Picadeiro Real), the National Coach Museum displays an exceptional collection of royal carriages, from the 17th century to the late 19th century.

Considered the most remarkable collections of its kind in the world, it allows the visitor to understand not only the technical evolution of animal-drawn transport, but also how changing tastes through the centuries were expressed in the decorative ornamentation of the carriages.

The main gallery in the style of Luis XVI, is occupied by two rows of carriages built for Portuguese royalty, of enormous wealth. Highlights include the three huge Baroque carriages made in Rome for the Portuguese ambassador to the Vatican, Dom Rodrigo Almeida e Menezes sent to Pope Clement XI at the behest of King João V.

The National Coach Museum is one of the most popular museums in Portugal and the most visited in Lisboa

You can download the app from here

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Source: Webletter Lisboa Inside

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