Fado at Oceanário: A unique experience in Lisbon

Is can be said that Fado is the soul of the Portuguese people. Listening each lyrics, each poem accompanied by Portuguese guitar, we can sense the presence of the sea, the sailors, fishermen and fishwives, the Lisbon's neighborhoods, the farewells, the fate and "Saudade" (Portuguese expression for missing someone or something).

Together, Fado and the guitar, come from a history connected to the sea. The Oceanário de Lisboa presents this history with an unique moment in an unforgettable scenario.

The scenario, the Central Aquarium

The centerpiece of the permanent exhibit of the Oceanário de Lisboa, represents all the oceans in one. With five million litters of saltwater, this impressive aquarium with seven meters high, hosts several species of sharks, rays, schooling fish, creating an underwater scenario that brings the feeling of immersion.

Fado no Oceanário from Notícias do Parque on Vimeo.

Fado at Oceanário
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Price: 60€ person (without dinner)
80€ person (with dinner)

The program runs only with a minimum of 25 persons and a maximum of 40 persons.
With unmarked seats.
The reservation requires advance payment.
Dos not include visit.
Information and reservation: 218 917 006 or

Source: Oceanário de Lisboa

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