Madeira: Spa & Wellness

Feel like getting away from everyday stress? In need of a rest and a bit of pampering for body and soul? Take a few days off and reserve a room at a spa hotel in the island of Madeira.

This floating garden is a truly idyllic setting for discovering the perfect balance between body and soul – an invitation to relax you just can’t afford to turn down.

Long-famed for its therapeutic qualities, the Madeira Destination continues to offer its visitors wellsprings of pure pleasure and wellbeing.

  You can discover the charms of the calm warm sea, explore the rich natural heritage of the Laurissilva forest, or simply delight in the comfort of one of the region’s countless hotels, equipped with a vast range of Spa and Wellness programmes run by qualified technicians. Or you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the sand and water of Porto Santo, rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium, a source of genuine health in the fight against stress and fatigue.

Feel the murmur of a waterfall, the soft touch of the sea breeze, the sheer purity of the air you breathe, unique sensations that restore the balance between mind and body.


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