New Hotel Villa Aljustrel

The Hotel Villa Aljustrel is placed in the heart of a peaceful town in Alentejo, named Aljustrel, within Beja’s district.

The mines, a local reference, clearly influenced the arquitecture and decoration of this hotel.

A set of modern and contemporary lines inject to Villa Aljustrel harmony, wellbeing and comfort. An amazing panoramic sight upon all the town and surroundings create an ideal environment to a day of work or enjoying a relaxing sunset.

The Hotel Villa Aljustrel has 33 rooms, bar, restaurant, gym, sauna, Turkish bath and a package of services which guarantee the comfort and the satisfaction of every guest.

The rooms:
Inside of every room you will find a decoration which connects the excel to tradition of the town through illustrated pictures of the mines and Alentejo sayings in scripted on the room walls. Enjoy also a great sight that will give you “good morning” in a special way.

The rooms are divided in three categories: Copper, Silver and Gold. The comfort of and the modern design are a strong presence in all of the categories. The rooms are spacy and warm, with generous beds providing the best comfort. In the privacy of your own bedroom enjoy, for instance, a nice bubble bath, a movie and beautiful sunset in the Alentejo plains.

The Oliva bar located next to the meeting room, is at your disposal for while you work or simply on the internet, have a refreshing cocktail or grab a bit to eat. Once again besides the charming decoration, the hotel does not let you forget where you are due to the traditional details.

There is also at your service near the gym and the sauna, a bar, right on the terrace where you might relax and re-fill your energies from your workout or after a long day. Accompanying you will be a magnificent panoramic view over the entire town.

The Fio D’Azeite restaurant, offers the Alentejo culture within the dish. The flavours and the alentejos spice mixed with the best meat raised in the plains are in hotel Villa Aljustrel and at your disposal in the restaurant Fio D’Azeite. Come and see our gastronomic traditions while enjoying your stay. Don’t let anyone tell you what it tastes like, come and taste it yourself.

Sauna and Turkish Bath:
In Hotel Villa Aljustrel you can also take care of your body since you have available gymnasium services, sauna and Turkish bath to relax after a great training.

Meeting room:
The hotel Villa Aljustrel gives you the best environment so that you can perform your work within your hotel to relax. Take advantage of our facilities and meet with your associates and business partners and stay within the matters related to their work. This space is also available for trainings and other events.

R. General Humberto Delgado
7600-099 Aljustrel
+351 284 600 800 

Source:  Hotel Villa Aljustrel

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