Porto: New Theme Park dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries

The company Mystic Invest, a company of the group Douro Azul, is investing over six million euros on a theme park dedicated to the Portuguese Discoveries.

The project is called “World of Discoveries” and it’s going to be the “first theme park and interactive museum about the saga of Portuguese Discoveries”, in Portugal.

The park will be installed in the former warehouse of the Port Wine Company Real Companhia Velha, in Miragaia, occupying an area of more than 4.000 covered square meters, next to the Douro Azul Tourist Welcome Centre. The company expects the project to be concluded in time for the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the beginning of the Ceuta campaign, in 1414, which signs the beginning of the Portuguese maritime expansion and of the epopee of the Discoveries.

The World of Discoveries is going to be a multimedia theme park “giving visitors the possibility to feel interactively and on an environment representing the reality of those times, all the atmosphere of the Portuguese travels, of the storms they endured, the difficulties they experienced, the excitement of discovering new people and land, the pirates attacks or the racks they have suffered, the departure and arrival to those different places of our collective history, reliving as well as the moments that preceded the trip”. The space will also include the recreation of the atmosphere of the building of the ships, from the shipyards to the replica of a navigation school, the supply of the raw materials and the loading quay.

The company expects 250.000 visitors per year.

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Source:  Porto Turismo

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