Braga: Holy Week Festivals

Experience Holy Week in the ancient city of Braga, in the region Porto e Norte.

The city is decorated with motifs related to the occasion and the passos, street-side altars, are filled with flowers and lights, complementing the sumptuousness of the churches.

In Porto and the North of Portugal, in accordance with tradition, the Easter celebration of the Resurrection marks the end of Lent and a return to traditional gastronomy - such as oven-roasted kid, sponge cake, almonds and port wine.

To ensure you don't miss any of the events, here is the full agenda for Holy Week in Braga:

  • March 23 - Transfer of the Statue of “Senhor dos Passos” (Our Lord of the Stations of the Cross)
  • March 24 - Procession of the Stations of the Cross
  • March 27 - Procession of the Virgin of the “donkey”
  • March 28 - Ecce Homo procession
  • March  29 - Procession of the Burial of the Lord
  • March  30 - Easter vigil and Procession of the Resurrection
  • March  31 - Easter Sunday Solemn Mass and Easter visit
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More information about the Holy Week in Braga here:

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