Madeira Film Festival 2013: April 15 to 21

Madeira will host the second edition of the Madeira Film Festival, a ground breaking project at an environmental level, promoted by the Scottish director Aitken Pearson. This event will promote various initiatives associated with arts, education, ecotourism, and solidarity purposes.

The Madeira Film Festival organisation fervently believes there is no better place in the world to stage a film festival than on the piquant Island of Madeira and there is no better place on Madeira to stage a film festival than in glorious Reid’s Palace Hotel and the Municipal Theatre in Funchal.

The crux of the Madeira Film Festival is to pay homage to the resilience of Madeira’s endemic Laurissilva Forest by screening a slate of films which may deliberate a connotation with the natural world in some fashion, films which are expansive, unsettling and profound,films which will hopefully impinge upon the viewers imagination.

One of the most effective measures that can be implemented in order to raise awareness of the Laurissilva forest and subsequently it’s preservation is through the undisputed persuasive strength of audio- visual communication. The aspiration of the Madeira Film Festival is to become one of Europe’s foremost film festivals, by sheer virtue of location there exists an inherent capacity to attain this.

Madeira is an island (35 miles long and 13 miles wide) situated in the Atlantic Ocean some 300 miles from the coast of Africa and 600 miles from the Portuguese mainland. An autonomous region of Portugal, Madeira offers a sub-tropical climate due to its geographical position and mountainous relief.

The flowers and trees of Madeira blossom fervently during early Spring, especially the Jacaranda trees as they flower profusely boasting a deep, rich purple colour. The end of April is indeed a wonderful time of year to visit Madeira.

This event will feature a number of celebrities from the world of cinema and music.

This festival will present environmental films divided into several categories, which will be evaluated by an international panel of judges.

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