Rota Vicentina’s official website is already online

The official Rota Vicentina’s website ( ) is now online, after a long period of production and content preparation. An interactive map, a presentation of the region, detailed descriptions of each route sections, rules and recommendations, tourist facilities, and much more are now available to respond to all questions and interests.

Also available on the website is information concerning more than 100 small local tourism enterprises, which are involved in the project. Restaurants, hostels, rural tourism facilities, camping sites, touristic activities, trade and other services can now be easily found.

About Rota Vicentina

Teaser Rota Vicentina EN - 30s from Rota Vicentina on Vimeo.

The Rota Vicentina, launched in May 2011, is a long distance path of 350 km along Portugal’s SW coast, promoted by the association Casas Brancas, in partnership with the association Almargem, the local municipalities and parish councils, local and regional entities, companies and individuals that have supported the project at various levels and made it a viable proposition.

It comprises of two paths: the Historical Way, running through the main towns and small villages of the region and the Fishermen’s Trail, a single track following the trails used by locals to get to the beaches and fishing spots.


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