Save the date on your agenda: Viseu a 01 do 06

On June 1st starts the festival "Viseu a 01 do 06 " taking place in 2013 and in 2014! 24 hours non-stop of performance arts and the ideal excuse to rediscover the city of Viseu through the hands of Portuguese and international artists!

Promoted by Teatro Viriato and designed for the promotion of creation and artistic pleasure, VISEU A 01 DO 06 officially starts as "The First Feast" on June 1st and it ends in 2014. This event is focused on the public space of Viseu, engaging local, national and international artists. Throughout the day across the streets and the sky, from Parque Aquilino Ribeiro to Praça da República, from the Cathedral square to Largo Mouzinho de Albuquerque, there will be theatre, music, dance, contemporary circus (nouveau cirque) and tightrope walking.

"Esta é a minha cidade e eu quero viver nela" | "This is my city and I want to live here"
By Joana Craveiro
Teatro do Vestido
When: Starting at midnight June 1st
Where: From Teatro Viriato

VISEU A 01 DO 06 starts at midnight on June 1st with a performed walking tour across the streets of Viseu, which stands out as a poetical manifesto, built upon the experiences of everyday life and the venues of the city.

Performers let themselves be led by the streets, exploring them and unveiling their stories, while building a new city, a city where they want to live in and cling to, as described in the title of the theatrical performance.

An important note: choose comfortable shoes, because the show starts in Teatro Viriato across several streets and city venues.

“Uma carta coreográfica” | “A choreographic letter”By Madalena Victorino (PT)When: From 10:00 to 19:00Where: Rossio square

This exhibit is like a letter. A letter that is written with the body of each one and that emerges in the space of a SQUARE.

Ten artists will be all day long waiting for an audience wishing to move ideas, sounds, images, stories, legs and arms. A unique opportunity to see photography, to sing, to write and to discover the origins of DANCE.

Every hour the experience changes. Dress comfy clothes; bring your photo machine, a notebook and a pencil. Come along and bring your friends and surrender to the adventure of discovering your body again.

# Passagem #
PIA - Projectos de Intervenção Artística, CRLWhen: 16:00 Where: Parque Aquilino Ribeiro

Four old travel buddies departure from the universe of their solitude to free themselves from forgetting and routine. They walk along pending objects through their memories and affections to find the beginning of a new journey of companionship, feast and joie de vivre.

This tour is designed through an installation where both objects and matter gain a whole new meaning. It is a performance of physical theatre in wooden stilts. An invitation to contemplate a fantastic new world full of emotions and pure visual poetry.

# Les Blues de Travail  (FR)  |Le Voyage de Noces #When: 18:00 Where: Praça D. Duarte

The best clothes: checked. A polished Fiat 500: checked. An embalmed dog washed and combed: checked. All set for the honey-moon. But the unthinkable happens…the Fiat 500 breaks down and the newly weds face several obstacles. Its long-beloved car turns into a fearful enemy that comes to life and becomes an indomitable bull.

A truculent hilarious trip performed by an unlikely couple, an embalmed dog and a fanciful Fiat 500. Throughout the journey they dance, jump and fall on their both feet…Sometimes poetical, but always irresistible.

# OLivier Roustan (FR), Drumming- GP, Banda Filarmónica de Ribafeita, Conservatório regional de múscica de Viseu (PT) 
Uma Linha no Céu... Lembrando Jião Torto | A Line in the sky...Remebering João Torto When: 21:00
Where: In the Cathedral square

This show is all about flying: giving wings to imagination with a line designed in the heaven in the very same place where nonconformist inventor João Torto tried to defeat gravity 4 centuries ago.

This time this line will be paved by extraordinary tightrope walking artist Olivier Rouston, w aorld reference, who will “fly” to the sound of a contemporary music repertoire performed by three groups who come together specifically for this project.

# Orquestra Todos #When: 22:30 Where: Largo Mouzinho de Albuquerque

From multi-cultural Intendente quarter in Lisbon to Largo Mouzinho de Albuquerque in Viseu, this orchestra is an example of how local can become global. Orquestra Todos (meaning “everyone”, in Portuguese) is the result of an artistic intervention in the territory – Festival Todos – crossing and melting several musical and sound worlds of multiple cultural backgrounds.

A unique group that brings together musicians who play music from different instruments, traditions and settings, inventing a mix of sounds that constantly evokes the musical and cultural roots of Lisbon and the Portuguese-speaking world.

Organised by:Teatro Viriato  
In partnership withComunidade Intermunicipal Dão-Lafões 

Source: ARPT Centro de Portugal  

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