Wallpeople 2013 Music Edition: Saturday June 1st

Wallpeople is an international project of collaborative art, born in Barcelona. The initiative tries to promote the creativity of people by inviting everyone to be part of collective exhibitions in urban spaces.

One of the basic reasons of Wallpeople is to return art to the streets and reclaim public space as a way of expression and citizen interaction.

Our events are an opportunity for all those who have something to show to the world and cannot do it in a gallery or museum. We use all the Internet tools to call attendees and create real-life experiences.

Wallpeople started in 2009 as an experiment that has grown year after year, reaching more than forty cities across the world. Behind the project, we can find Pablo Quijano and David Marcos, two advertising creatives who decided to support free art and leave aside commercial communication. Each edition has a different subject and this year it is the turn of... music.

Wallpeople 2013: Music Edition

Wallpeople 2013: Music Edition Promo from Wallpeople on Vimeo.

Music is a universal language. It moves us, changes our mood and gives colour to our lives. Music is magic, Music is ART. And we cannot imagine a world without it.

One of the most special things about music is that has no boundaries and is present in all cultures. It can have influence on and merge with any form of art or expression. Therefore, music will star in the Wallpeople 2013 edition. We want everyone to express his unique relationship with music, regardless of genre or style. We propose two possibilities:

1. Reinterpret a song in an artistic format of your choice: illustration, photography, text, painting, collage, canvas…

2. Create any work related to music in a general way: For example: a tribute to an artist, a concert, a musical moment of your life, your favourite style, musical origins…

Next June 1st, thousands of people will star in outdoors exhibitions across the world with their works, where they could show and study their creations. The streets will fill up with personal and authentic works with a common source of inspiration: music.

The event will be on Saturday June 1st, all over the world and in Portugal three cities will participate: LisboaPorto and Funchal 
Find more information at:

- Lisboa  |
Time: 5:00 pm a 7:00 pm
Place: Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara (Patamar Inferior)
- Porto |
Place: No final da Rua Miguel Bombarda, no muro do nº51 da Rua da Boa nova
- Funchal  |
Time: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Place: Largo do Socorro, Santa Maria Maior. Junto à praia da Barreirinha!

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