Extreme Sailing Series returns to Porto: 25-28 July

From the 25th to the 28th of July at Oporto, do not miss the Act 5 of the Extreme Sailing Series global tour, an international inshore racing circuit, known as the Formula 1 of sailing.

This spectacular circuit brings together the best skippers on the planet - from Olympic medalists to round-the-world record holders - competing against each other in state of the art 40-foot catamarans. The crews, racing identical speed machines, battle it out on short courses set very close to the shore and at the heart of cities, in order to bring the action to the public, who sometimes stands less than 5 meters away from the boats!

Porto will host Act 5 of Extreme Sailing Series, that will also take place in other seven countries of the world – Oman, Singapore, China, Turkey, United Kingdom, France and Brazil.

Tens of thousands of spectators are expected to line the banks of the river Douro on both the Porto and Gaia sides to watch the Extreme 40s in action as current Series leaders Alinghi set out to defend their position.

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