From Régua to Tua: “slowtravel “on-board of the historical train in the Douro Valley!

Between 13 July and 5 October, on Saturday, it will be possible again to travel along one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, classifies World Cultural Heritage by Unesco in 2001, always side by side with the Douro river, between the Station of Peso da Régua and the Station of Tua, stopping at the beautiful Station of Pinhão, embellished with tiles dating back to the 18th century, illustrating the work in the vineyards.

This year, the old steam locomotive is replaced by a diesel from the 1960’s, but the wagons still take us back to a bygone age, in which time seemed to have last longer.

The historical train departs from the station in Peso da Régua at 15:21 and arrives to the station in Tua at 16:31. On the return the train departs from Tua at 17:23 and gets to Régua at 18:34.

Prices change according to the chosen package which comprises a connection to Regional, Interregional, Alfa and Intercidades trains, going from 40€ for the North package to 70€ for the Algarve package. Children from 5 to 12 years old have 50% discount.

During the travel, passengers will be accompanied by a typical folk group who will share with them part of the Douro culture, and the possibility to taste the typical “bola de carne” and the unique Douro wine.

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Email – cohistorico@cp.ptTelephone - +351 221 052 503/ 511/ 524 

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