EuroSurf 2013: 13 to 22 September in Azores

Azores will host the 2013 European Surfing Championships scheduled to take place from the 13 to 22 September. 

Eurosurf 2013 will be staged at Ribeira Grande on São Miguel’s north shore, the largest of nine islands that compose the Azores archipelago.

São Miguel, also known as "the green island", is the largest and most populated island of the Azores. It has a surface area of approximately 293 square miles (759 km2) with a population of 150.000 inhabitants (aprox.)

The north shore of São Miguel it’s the most consistent all year round, with summer swells averaging 3/5 feet, reaching up to 15 feet during the winter season. Under the influence of the Gulf Stream, a warm water current that heads north east from the Gulf of Mexico, the Azores enjoy a mild temperate climate throughout the year. 

During the summer you can expect lovely warm sunny days with average 
outside temperatures between 15 and 26°C, and mild water temperatures from 20º to 24º C. Being so far out in the Atlantic, the islands are prone to  rainy days at any time of year, and without these showers of course, you could not enjoy the beautiful flora on the islands.

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