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Visit Aveiro, with its scenic lagoon and the famous barcos moliceiros. Discover the city of water and light.

A famous Aveiro landmark, the immense lagoon at its centre known as the Ria, creates a tangible link between land and sea. Boats move up and down its channels and give the city its uniquely colourful atmosphere. You’ll find a bustling ambience everywhere as you stroll through Aveiro’s waterside districts, where the small houses, whitewashed or covered in decorative tiles, are reflected in the water.

Narrow streets, filled with the city’s warm and hospitable inhabitants, lead you to simple but attractive little chapels, standing as symbols to local religious devotion. Brightly painted windows and flowers contrast with the black and white patterns of the stone pavements, creating a colourful scene. The sea and mountains acting as a backdrop to the city’s pretty streets.

At the Aveiro fish market, an interesting iron structure, you get the sense of a city that has held on to its traditions despite recent development.
Now contained within the walls of the former Franciscan monastery of Santo António you’ll find the Infante Dom Pedro Municipal Park and Garden. ts lake and carefully planted landscaping provide a pleasant patch of green that is repeated in grassy areas and small brightly coloured gardens across the city.

When you’ve learnt about the city’s history, discover its modern and dynamic side. The many different shops to be found in the new avenues are testament to the success of recent development. The University has also given Aveiro a rich and active cultural life, with many new and exciting leisure and entertainment venues opening to serve it students. Finally, to explore the city more fully, take a ride on a BUGA, one of the city’s free bicycles, and discover Aveiro’s many charms.
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