SATA increases connections with the United States and Canada and offers new fare products

Starting with the IATA Winter Season, which begins at the end of October, SATA will increase its flights between the Azores and the United States and Canada, at which time there will be one more weekly rotation to Boston and Toronto. 

The number of flights will be gradually increased until the months of July and August, when SATA will fly every day from Ponta Delgada to Boston, and six days a week from Ponta Delgada to Toronto.

The new system for ticket prices to Boston and Toronto will based on segmenting the fare classes, according to the actual services offered, examples of which are baggage and on-board service during the flight. 

The increased offer of seats to Boston and Toronto and the changes in the fares reflect the results that have been obtained in the last several years, thanks to a clear, long-term strategic bet on these two markets. 

The reinforcement of the regular connections between the Azores and North America, which will begin to take effect gradually starting at the end of October, means an increase of 11% (12,725 additional seats) in the offer to Boston and 36% (36,165 additional seats) to Toronto. In 2014, SATA will have a total of 114,108 seats to Boston and 97,680 to Toronto, besides the seats added already this year.

Source: SATA

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