The Gastronomy & Wines of Porto and the North of Portugal

Land of sea, plains and mountains, Porto and the North of Portugal’s gastronomy is as diverse as the landscape where its ingredients are produced and tasted. 

Known for its hospitality, the region is generous when it is time to provide a good table service. And it has a wide variety of dishes (of fish, sea food, meat or regional and convent-made confectionery), cooked with local ingredients. With four demarcated wine regions, the region also supplies a wine for each occasion. 

In the many wines of excellent quality that are produced here, there is one that is known all around the world – the Port Wine, produced in the world's oldest demarcated region – but there are others waiting to be tasted, such as the reds and whites of Douro and the greens of the Minho Region.

More about Gastronomy &Wines in Porto and the North of Portugal here

Source: ARPT Porto and the North

Tap with new flights to Tangiers and Boavista

TAP has more than tripled the scale of its operations in Africa over the last 10 years, rising from a total of 22 flights per week to that continent in 2003 to 71 from last October with the launch of two new destinations: Tangiers in Morocco and Boavista in Cape Verde.

The number of African destinations served by TAP has risen from seven in 2003 to 15. From carrying 269,000 passengers in 2003, the company grew to carry 675,000 in 2012.

Since last October TAP is offering twice weekly flights to the island of Boavista in Cape Verde and five flights per week to the Moroccan city of Tangiers.

Tangiers will join Casablanca and Marrakesh as Moroccan destination to which TAP flies. With the opening of this route, and with the planned increase in capacity to Casablanca, the total number of seats TAP will offer each week between Portugal and Morocco will increase by 50 per cent.

Boavista is the new destination in Cape Verde, adding to TAP’s existing flights to Sal, Praia and Sao Vicente. With the introduction of the twice weekly flights to Boavista, TAP will offer a total of 15 flights to the country, rising to 17 in the high season. After Angola, Cape Verde is TAP’s busiest African destination.

Source: Tap Portugal


Madeira’s levadas

About 1,500km of levadas (irrigation channels) to explore, discovering breathtaking landscapes: a unique encounter with nature.

Alongside its natural beauty, Madeira has another no less surprising beauty to offer: its great network of irrigation channels - the Levadas.

These waterways are a living reminder of the titanic effort of past generations to distribute the abundant water that flows from springs at the top of the mountains amongst the slopes and valleys. They cover several protected areas including, most importantly, the Madeira Natural Park and the Funchal Ecological Park.

Most of the trails are quite accessible, but there are varying degrees of difficulty, so you are advised to consult professionals in the field and specific publications on the subject, and use suitable equipment.

Apart from the footpaths they provide, the levadas are sometimes the only means of access to certain places so isolated that they certainly deserve a visit. Explore some of these levadas to discover the soul of the island, away from the beaten track.

These magnificent walks give a glimpse of the breathtaking landscapes in a perfect encounter with nature. From the deep blue of the sea to the green of the high mountains, the excitement of going from sea level to 1862 metres is guaranteed!

Between the levadas and the footpaths you can enjoy the best panoramas that the exuberant nature of Madeira provides. A real tonic for the routine of everyday life!

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MadeiraDig 2013: 6th to 9th December in Calheta, Madeira Islands

The Municipality of Calheta is hosting the International Festival of Digital Arts - “MadeiraDig”, a unique cultural event in area of digital arts, namely experimental electronic music, cinema and digital video, performances and interactive installations.

The MadeiraDig festival programme presents several DJs and artists of the global musical and audiovisual scene, such as Pharmakon (US), Tarik Barri (NL), William Basinski (US), Emptyset (UK), Grouper (US), Most People Have Been Trained to Be Bored (PT), Pierce Warnecke (US), Marcus Fjellström (SE) and Clara Hill (D), among others.

Established in 2004, MadeiraDig was promoted with the purpose of alluring national and international artists from various areas to Madeira and to encourage the creativity of Madeira artists.

More information may be obtained at

Source: Turismo da Madeira

Alentejo is one of the National Geographic Best Trips for 2014

National Geographic Traveler presents the New Year's must-see places and Alentejo region was one of the chosen destination for 2014.

The travel writer & blogger Anja Mutić that wrote the article for National Geographic says that "Lying right below the country’s heart, Alentejo has served as Portugal’s breadbasket and seduces with its slow pace, a sense of modern times in half step. Look no further than the recently opened museum in the village of Belver, devoted to the tradition of artisanal soapmaking. Or the newly launched Marble Route, which takes visitors into quarries and underground galleries, celebrating the prized local material. Also now taking reservations: Évora’s Ecorkhotel, coated in that Alentejo staple, cork

And then look up, at the night skies. Above Lake Alqueva, the heavens remain unmarred by light pollution, prompting the UNESCO-supported Starlight Foundation to designate Alqueva the world’s first Starlight Tourism Destination".

You can read the full article here and discover the several tips that 
Anja Mutić gives about the Alentejo region.

More information about the Alentejo at:

Source: National Geographic 


Portugal Michelin Stars 2014

Yesterday evening Michelin announced the Michelin stars and Bib Gourmands 2014 for Spain and Portugal. The guide will go on sale today.

Portugal gained one more two stars restaurant, "The Ocean" in Armação de pêra, Algarve, and finished the list with a total of twelve Michelin stars, one more than last year. The Eleven in Lisbon, regained his Michelin Star and the 
L'And Vineyards in Alentejo, is the new entry in this list. 

The MICHELIN guide Spain & Portugal 2014 also lists 253 Bib Gourmand restaurants that offer excellent value for money. 
Whether they are the latest buzz or quaint bistros, offering traditional or inventive cooking, local specialties or world cuisine, all serve a three-course meal at moderate prices (no €30 in Portugal), while respecting the quality criteria of the MICHELIN guide.

Check here the full list of results for Portugal Michelin Stars 2014:

- Ocean (Armação de Pêra)
- Vila Joya (Albufeira)

- Belcanto (Lisbon)
- Casa da Calçada (Amarante)
- Eleven (Lisbon) - regaining the star 
- Feitoria (Lisbon)
- Fortaleza do Guincho (Cascais)
- Henrique Leis (Almancil)
- Il Gallo d’Oro (Funchal)
- L'And Vineyards (Montemor-o-Novo) – new
- Willie’s (Vilamoura)
- Yeatman (Vila Nova de Gaia)

Congratulations to all the 12 winners! 

+ info: 

Source: Michelin


New scuba diving website from the Azores

Azores tourism created a new website dedicated to scuba diving in this amazing Archipelago:

Diving in the Azores

Lying in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores Archipelago features nine islands and a sea of emotions that are waiting to be discovered. The most remote islands of the North Atlantic are just a few hours away from mainland Europe and North America, offering a huge variety of dive sites and a rich and abundant marine life. From diving with the world’s largest fish (whale shark) in crystalline waters to finding yourself surrounded by dozens of graceful devil rays and agile blue sharks, everything is possible in this oasis of marine life.

The archipelago’s location in the North Atlantic Ocean, in a transition zone between the nutrient-rich currents from the north and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, turns this group of islands into a true sanctuary for a large and varied number of marine species. Featuring a rich and unique marine biodiversity, the Azorean waters host five species of sea turtles, over 24 different species of cetaceans, and about 600 species of fish, including large schools of pelagic fish, several species of sharks, graceful manta and devil rays, and friendly dusky groupers.

Despite the Azores being considered one of the world’s top locations for whale watching and the sperm whale being the region’s most iconic image, there is an increasing number of divers who venture themselves down here and find out that this group of islands, which features mild waters with an amazing visibility, hides some of the best underwater experiences in Europe and in the world. Above water, the volcanic landscapes of the archipelago – green hillsides cut out by cliffs, fajãs (flat, low-lying strips of land by the sea), lakes and waterfalls where tranquillity, harmony, peace and quietness reign supreme – turn a visit to these islands, which National Geographic Traveler considered one of the best summer destinations in 2011, into a unique experience.

You can dive on all the islands of the archipelago, which offer experiences as diverse as coastal dives, wreck dives, cave diving, diving with sharks, and the most intense diving experience that the Azores have to offer – diving in remote seamounts, where you will often find dozens of devil rays and large schools of pelagic fish. Under water, the islands are as different as on land, with whale sharks on an island and blue sharks on another, or with a World War II shipwreck on an island and the remains of 15th and 16th century shipwrecks on another. Coastal dives have, however, some elements in common. Witnesses of the volcanic origin of the archipelago, the Azores Islands feature a coastline with a very diverse seafloor relief, giving the dive sites an added geological interest with impressive arches formed by ancient lava flows and deep caves, often formed by several interconnecting chambers.

Coastal marine life is characterised by the presence of friendly dusky groupers, curious schools of grey triggerfish, as well as several species of small, colourful nudibranchs, octopuses and moray eels that hide between rocks. Small fish give colour to the black rock seafloor, such as the Mediterranean rainbow wrasse, the ornate wrasse, the Azores chromis, the Mediterranean parrotfish and many others. At greater depths, the red scorpionfish, the barred hogfish and reef fish can be found often along large stretches of black coral. But don’t be distracted by the species that roam the seafloor, because the water column is often filled by schools of yellowmouth barracudas, Almaco jacks, white trevallies and, for the more fortunate, a majestic devil ray, turtle or ocean sunfish. However, the seamounts far from the coast are undoubtedly the best places to spot large pelagic fishes, with schools of sometimes thousands of beautiful, large Almaco jacks patrolling the seafloor and hundreds of large yellowmouth barracudas still in the water column observing the divers. It is in this Atlantic depth that the Azores stand out and become a unique destination for diving.

Thanks to the volcanic origin of islands, which lie along the chain of submarine volcanoes of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, there are underwater elevations in the Azores sea that rise from the great depths of the ocean floor (sometimes greater than 1,000 metres) up until just a few metres from the surface; these elevations are called seamounts. Some of them once were islands that were swallowed by the sea, and many others are either too far from the islands or too deep to be visited. But there are seamounts that can be reached by divers, including the Princess Alice Bank, the Dom João de Castro Bank, the Formigas Islets, and the Dollabarat Reef. They feature a unique variety of marine ecosystems ranging from the abundant number of the most common species of the Azorean seafloor to large schools of pelagic fish, dozens of graceful devil rays and even some species of cetaceans.

Dive in the Azores and discover a sea of emotions!

Download the brochure here.

Source: Azores Tourism

The Algarve: Golf Destination of the year 2014

The Algarve was considered by IAGTO the Golf Destination of the year 2014.

The world-class holiday region of the Algarve has scooped the prestigious title of International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) European Golf Destination of the Year 2014 - the pinnacle of golf tourism awards.
The award was announced at the IAGTO Awards gala dinner, last November 14th, to correspond with the final day of the renowned International Golf Travel Market.
With six courses in the recently released prestigious Golf World Top 100 Courses in Continental Europe, the Algarve continues to provide a heady mix of world-class layouts and value for money - a blend which was, no doubt, in the minds of more than 500 golf tour operators who voted in the awards.
Desidério Silva, president of the Algarve Tourism Association, said: "I'm very proud to accept this award which is for everybody working within the golf tourism industry in the Algarve. At a time when people have to keep a tighter rein on their finances than at any time in living memory, the fact we can still attract golfers in the number we have speaks eloquently for the product and the people who deliver it.
"We are fortunate that, in the Algarve, we have some of the very best golf courses in Europe, some outstanding sun-soaked coastline and numerous excellent hotels and resorts of all sizes - but even if all the ingredients are present it still needs highly trained and hard-working people to serve it up correctly and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. "And that's what the people who work in the Algarve have done, not just this year, but in previous years and in many years to come. 
"We should also show our appreciation to the tour operators who work so hard to bring people to the region and thank them for their faith in the Algarve. I thank them all for their marvellous effort and everybody for their votes and their support. We hope to welcome you to our wonderful region again very soon." 
It is yet another award for the world-class golf product available on the Algarve, which can lay claim to almost 40 courses within its boundaries. This year also witnessed a dramatic Portugal Masters victory for England's David Lynn at Oceânico Victoria, on the European Tour, and the 50th anniversary of the ever-popular Vale do Lobo resort in August, highlighting the true extent of the Algarve's golf offering - suitable for top professional to holiday golfer.
Golf World's recent Top 100 supplement demonstrated that ably with a very impressive showing for a region that covers just more than 2,000m2. That becomes all the more impressive when you consider that a further eight courses featured in the magazine's list of The Next 100 top European courses.
The Algarve says it is "Europe's most famous secret" - yet it seems that word is continuing to spread.

More information at:
About IAGTO:
The Golf Destination and Golf Resort awards are voted for by IAGTO’s specialist golf tour operator members that now number 516 from 62 different countries. Each was asked to vote for what they considered to be the best-performing golf resorts of the year. They considered these criteria: customer satisfaction; quality of golf courses and accommodation; value for money; support from suppliers, tourist boards & airlines; professional conduct of suppliers; and accessibility to tee times.
IAGTO is the global trade organisation for the golf tourism industry, comprising more than 2100 companies in 95 countries. IAGTO operators control over 85% of golf holiday packages sold worldwide and their combined annual turnover exceeds €1.5 billion. In 2012 they made the golf holiday arrangements for over 1.6 million golfers.


The Yeatman hotel in Porto was awarded the prize of Global Winner in the "Accommodation” category in the 2014 International Best of Wine Tourism Awards

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network announced last November 13th, the winners of the 2014 International Best Of Wine Tourism awards.

The Great Wine Capitals is a network of ten major global cities in both the northern and southern hemispheres, which share a key economic and cultural asset: their internationally renowned wine regions. 

The nine international winners were chosen from 53 local ‘Best Of‘ winners from nine Great Wine Capitals.  In all, 350 applications were received this year.

The portuguese hotel, "The Yeatman" in Porto, was awarded the prize of Global Winner in the "Accommodation” category.

The Yeatman is a luxury wine hotel with an award-winning wine cellar and Michelin star restaurant acclaimed for its modern interpretation of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Yeatman contacts:
The Yeatman Hotel
Rua do Choupelo, (Santa Marinha)
Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto 4400-088
Tel: +351 220 133 100
Fax: +351 220 133 199


Porto with two new routes from Vueling: Barcelona and Brussels

Vueling presents two new routes from Porto’sAirport, starting next summer 2014.

On 31 March opens the route that will connect Porto to Barcelona with four flights per week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This route will be offer 42.960 places between March and October.

On 1 May, starts the route to Brussels. This route will have four flights a week offering 48.600 places, and is directed to passengers travelling for leisure, for a short city break or for holidays all year round.

The company maintains the route Porto-Paris, which opened last summer and keeps operating during winter. This route has a daily flight offering more than 75.600 places, having registered a growth of 35%. This route is also directed to passengers travelling on leisure, on a short city break or on holidays all year round.


Barcelona – Porto:
10:40 (Sunday); 11.15 (Friday) and 12:20 (Monday and Wednesday)
Porto – Barcelona:
12:05 (Sunday); 12:40 (Friday) and 13:45 (Monday and Wednesday)


Brussels – Porto:
 11:45 (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
Porto – Brussels:
13:50 (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)


Paris – Porto: 12:45 (daily)
Porto – Paris: 14:30 (daily)

Tickets for these routes are already on sale at, at the mobile portal (available for terminals with internet connection), at the new apps for Apple and Android for mobiles and tablets with internet connection, as well as through the telephone 707 78 39 39 and on travel agencies.

Further information:  ​

Tróia Portugal Match Cup 2013

The "Troia Portugal Match Cup" takes place between the 14th and the 17th of November, in the Sado River, at troiaresort. This is one of the major international sailing events taking place in Portuguese waters, welcoming some of the best skippers in the world to the  troiamarina.

The match races of the "Troia Portugal Match Cup" offer a unique and competitive show at the highest technical level and of extraordinary beauty. Given the proximity of the vessels, viewers can follow the competition from the shore, in one of the terraces at troiamarina. The best skippers in the world will be there at troiamarina for one of the biggest international competition happening in Portuguese waters. 

Names like James Spithill (America’s Cup winner), Ben Ainslie, Dean Barker and Peter Holmberg have been present in this event. Ian Williams, the current champion in title, is one of the confirmed skippers for this edition.

After hosting the 2007, 2008 and 2009 editions of this competition – with the participation of the Álvaro Marinho’s Olympic team – Troia welcomes back this worldwide projected competition. The event aims to promote the beautiful Alentejo region, its famous and wide Costa Vicentina and particularly the Peninsula of Troia, whose vast natural heritage shaped by the River Sado and by the Atlantic Ocean, make it a privileged place to practice sea sports and to welcome major nautical events.

Troia is an anchor for the Alentejo region’s tourism. Its range of touristic offer, its excellent accessibility conditions and the quality of its services and infrastructures, make Troia a unique family destination in Portugal and in Europe. These elements, together with its leisure equipments and renowned gastronomy, allow for the promotion of the Alentejo region as a competitive, truly attractive and one of a kind spot in Europe for the practice of sports activities in both land and sea, throughout the whole year. 

The supply of touristic developments, excellent accessibilities, leisure equipment’s and renowned gastronomy, allow for the promotion of Troia and the Alentejo region as a competitive, truly attractive and one of a kind spot in Europe for the practice of sports activities in both land and sea, throughout the whole year.


Diving in Madeira

With a mild climate all year round, and sea temperatures ranging between 17ºC and 23ºC, Madeira is a very attractive diving destination.

The extremely clear waters allow visibility to more than 20 metres to observe a wide diversity of species, such as jewfish, rays, moray eels, dolphins and manta rays.

Quite close to Funchal there are several spots, like the Clube Naval. And you can also go night diving in complete safety, as part of a programme organised by one of the various schools. Marine reserves are places not to be missed, but nature should be respected by not disturbing underwater life. Some areas even enjoy the status of full reserve, which bars any visits, so you should obtain comprehensive information before setting out.

On Madeira’s southern slope, the Garajau Nature Reserve is the only exclusively marine one in the country and a world reference. Diving in its waters is unmissable to observe an abundant and diverse fauna, with large fish such as the jewfish, an emblematic species of the reserve. The diving spots are the cleanest, with easy access and only a few minutes away by boat. The most well-known locations are Corais Negros (at 35 metres), Pão de Açúcar, Garajau Baía, Garajau Este (where the largest jewfish lives), Recife dos Monges and Gruta dos Reis Magos, a favourite night diving spot, accessible by land.

On the Island of Porto Santo, the beauty of the seabed and its clear, warm waters offer an unexpected tropical setting, much appreciated by divers. One of the most sought after spots is located south of the harbour, where the wreck of O Madeirense is to be found. Ilhéu de Baixo and Ilhéu de Cima, uninhabited rocky islets off the south coast, are other places with excellent diving conditions.

More information about Diving in Portugal at


The region of Portugal’s Douro River Valley is one of Top 10 Travel Agent's Trending Destinations of 2013 according to Travel Agent magazine

"The Douro region of Portugal, overwhelmingly the top vote-getter in our poll, is gaining new or renewed interest among agents and their clients.

The wine region of Portugal’s Douro River Valley has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and it’s not hard to see why: The River Valley has lots of castles and monasteries and other historical sites to explore along the waterway.

For those not interested in history, the valley also has plenty of vineyards with some of the world’s most popular wines. (Winemaking in this region dates back 2,000 years—in fact, both Port wine and Portugal were named after the city of Porto on the Douro.) 

It goes without saying that a cruise is a great way to experience the valley…Highlights include winery visits and tastings, a chance to visit the Portuguese pilgrimage site Nossa Senhora dos Remedios (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies) and the centuries-old Alpendurada Monastery.

In Porto, art and architecture fans will want to explore the city’s Baroque churches and an iron bridge built by Gustave Eiffel. The Serralves Museum specializes in international contemporary art in an edgy minimalist building. Porto also has an excellent Museum of Modern Art.

After sightseeing, relax at a Cais de Gaia riverfront café or grab a snack at the Confeitaria Tavi, a local hangout with a seaside terrace. Since this is Porto, a glass of Port wine is absolutely in order: Visit any of the wine shops behind the riverfront for an authentic experience. Sandeman Cellars is a good pick for a tour and tasting, or go up the hill to Taylor’s Port Cellars.

Be sure to stop at a local restaurant for some traditional dishes such as bacalhau, a fresh unsalted cod."

Source: Travel Agent Magazine

Vidago Palace and Heritage Av Liberdade hotels won Condé Nast Johansens 2014 Awards for Excellence

The portuguese hotels Vidago Palace and Heritage Av Liberdade were the winners of two Condé Nast Johansens 2014 Awards for Excellence, given last night, Monday 4th November 2013, at the annual awards ceremony in London.

Condé Nast Johansens created their Annual Awards of Excellence to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across the hotels and spas in their collection, all of which have been handpicked by local experts.

The Vigado Palace won in the category of "Best New or Back on the Scene Hotel" and the Heritage Av Liberdade in the "Best Value for Money" category.

Check here the review on this two hotels at the Condé Nast Johansens website:
- Vidago Palace

Heritage Av Liberdade

Source: Condé Nast Johansens

DouroAzul Wins Prestigious World Travel Market Global Award

Portuguese river cruise operator DouroAzul has won a prestigious World Travel Market Global Award in recognition of its expansion in the Douro Valley region and the city of Porto, over the past 12 months.

World Travel Market, Head of Marketing & Communications, Micaela Juarez presented the award to DouroAzui Owner Mário Ferreira alongside Publituris Editorial Director Carina Monteiro yesterday, 4 November, at WTM Global Awards.

The Awards give WTM’s Official Media Partners – which represent key travel industry media around the world – an excellent platform to congratulate and recognise those companies and individuals that have made the greatest contributions to travel and tourism in their region for that year.Three nominations from each media partner were judged in September by a panel of three, including an independent body, a representative of WTM and the relevant media partner.

The award for Portugal was judged by Micaela Juarez, Head of Communications, WTM; Tom Jenkins, Chief Executive, European Tour Operators’ Association; and Publituris Editorial Director Carina Monteiro  - Portugal, the Official Media Partner.

DouroAzul offers a wide range of services, including luxury river cruises, sightseeing tours to cities such as Porto and Lisbon and helicopter trips. Founded in 1993 with one ship, DouroAzul has become the leading river cruise operator in Portugal and one of the top 10 river cruise operators worldwide.

In 2012, DouroAzul’s hotel-ships carried 14,000 tourists from 39 countries, helping the Douro become one of the top river cruise destinations in the world.

The company also invests in promoting the Douro region and at the christening gala of its two new ships in May, it featured stars Sharon Stone and Andie MacDowell as the ships’ godmothers, and singer Michael Bolton.

 “We are always looking for different, innovative products and DouroAzul has successfully integrated river cruising with an escorted tour programme. This is an achievement to be celebrated,” said Juarez.


Portugal with 9 nominations for the Condé Nast Johansens 2014 Awards for Excellence

Today Condé Nast Johansens will be revealing the winners of the 2014 UK & European Awards for Excellence at their annual award ceremony. 

From the publishers of Vogue, GQ, Traveller and Glamour, Condé Nast Johansens is the leading reference guide for those of you searching for a luxury hotel, indulgent spa, country house, boutique retreat, celebratory venue or romantic hideaway by the beach. They provide inspiration and assistance in finding the perfect place for every occasion.

Condé Nast Johansens created their Annual Awards of Excellence to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across the hotels and spas in their collection, all of which have been handpicked by local experts.

Hotels and spas aspire to be the winner of one of these highly regarded Awards for Excellence. The awards demonstrate a trusted mark of quality recognised by consumers and travel professionals alike, and represent the finest standards and best value for money in luxury and independent accommodation.

This year the portuguese nominees for the Condé Nast Johansens 2014 Awards for Excellence - Europe & the Mediterranean - are:

-Best Luxury Apartment, Villa or Chalet: Pine Cliffs Terraces and Villas

-Best Service: Hotel Britania, Portugal

-Best Restaurant: The Yeatman, Porto

-Best for Families: Tivoli Marina Vilamoura

-Best Countryside Hotel: Convento do Espinheiro, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa

-Best New or Back on the Scene Hotel: Vidago Palace

-Best Value for Money: Heritage Av Liberdade

-Best for Meetings: Palacio Estoril Hotel Golf & Spa

-Best for Weddings, Parties or Special Events: Myriad by SANA Hotels

Source: Condé Nast Johansens


Douro Launches Wine Tourism App

The Douro region has launched a Wine Tourism App allowing getting all the information about the most iconic wineries in the region (Quintas), and about the offer of Wine Tourism services and activities. The App is already available for Android and IOS smartphones.

Named “Douro Wine Tourism”, the App is free and was presented by BEIRA DOURO – Associação de Desenvolvimento do Vale do Douro, Associação do Douro Histórico e Douro Superior – Associação de Desenvolvimento.

“The download of this tool allows to access information on the wineries and on wine tourism, to contact winery owners and to book and plan a visit to the wine region. The App still allows a better knowledge of the history of the Douro and Port wines, of the most traditional wine varieties, of the climate, terroir and other singularities”, explain the promoters of the Project. 

The App includes a set of new communication tools and is already available for download at the virtual stores Appstore and Google Play. Together with the app were also launched a guide and a good practice manual about Douro Wine Tourism, as well as the website.