Porto in the competition for European Best Destination 2014

The Porto City Council has been notified on 12 December by the European Consumers Choice, of the results of its pre-application for European Best Destination 2014: Porto is in the shortlist of 20 destinations selected to participate in the competition, which Porto has already won once, in 2012.

The choice of Porto as European Best Destination in 2012 has resulted in a strong promotion of the destination through the guides:   

For three weeks, from 22 January to 12 February, travelers from all over the world can vote on their favorite destination among the 20 shortlisted to participate on the competition for European Best Destination 2014 at

The fact that Porto is once again on this prestige shortlist, reflects its notoriety, attractiveness and excellence as a tourism destination, as well as the dynamics of this major economic activity, the one with the most growth potential and one of the major contributors for national GDP.

The winner of the competition will be on the spotlight on Europe’s biggest tourism website - - , and on the social networks of this non-profit organization, headquartered in Brussels, having as goal the development and promotion of European culture and tourism, of its diversity, richness and quality.

Porto counts on your vote :)

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