Casas Brancas: The New Project

The Casas Brancas Association has just launched a new project to be implemented by April 2015, called " Casas Brancas - Rede de Turismo Criativo ". 

The project aims to strengthen the Casas Brancas network starting with their creative capacity and capacity to sustain the identity and cultural values of the Alentejo and Vicentine Coast.

The aim is to develop and provide commercial consistency to new products and services in the network, which integrate agents, cultural values and the heritage of the region. The project is clearly geared to the international market, which is becoming more and more aware of the real attractions of this coastline, its culture, traditions, nature, history, creativity and innovativeness.

In addition to the development and consolidation of the services offered within the network, the project foresees the development of materials that enable new and effective tools to spread the word about the work of this creative tourism network. Furthermore a Manual of Good practices will be produced which will inspire and guide other entrepreneurs and potential investors in the region.

Creative tourism is a very innovative concept, internationally recognized as the new generation of tourism, which looks for more immersive and specialized ways to make the best use of a region and the economy of experience and is already widely implemented in the tourist industry.

Casas Brancas has been around since 2002 and includes about 60 micro-entrepreneurs in the region (accommodation, restaurants and activities) joined together in a network for the improvement of their services and the integrated promotion of those services and the values of the region. 

In 2011 it got started with the development of the Rota Vicentina  in partnership with the Almargem Association and various public entities within the region which culminated in the creation of the Rota Vicentina Association, which is now responsible for the management of the route and that project. 

This is foreseen as a third stage of life for Casas Brancas, with a clear focus on its greatest strength, which is the networking and the appreciation of the region's identity. For the management of Casas Brancas, "betting on cultural and patrimonial values linked to innovation, authenticity and creativity will be the best investment the tourism sector can make at this point, particularly in a region as rich as the southwest of Portugal. More than the quantity and size of investments in culture, it is important to enhance existing features, articulate them, give them shape and value and ensure their quality. Principally to integrate them into a single circuit that can sustain them, which is tourism".

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