Lisboa recommended by International Congress Members

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International congress members regard Lisboa as the best city to hold conferences and recommend the Portuguese capital as a tourist destination according to a survey by the Lisboa Tourism Observatory.

The studywas conducted among individuals who attended congresses in the Portuguese capital, of which 45.9% ranked the probability of a return visit as very likely.

Regarding the profile of the international Congress member the survey indicates that the Spaniards are the most prominent nationality, the majority of the participants being males ( 57.8%), primarily in the 36 to 45 years old age group for men and from 26 to 35 years old for women.

In general, the congress members are professionals with university qualifications. Transportation, Congress Registration, Accommodation, Trips and Food are key components in the expenditure incurred by participants who, on average stay in the Portuguese capital for 4.1 days.

The Lisboa Tourism Observatory survey was based on a sample of 912 interviews of international Congress members in the months of May, June and September 2013.

Source: LisboaInside

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