TAP allows use of electronic devices on board

Since Jan 14, 2014 TAP Portugal allows the use of personal electronic devices during flight provided they are set to "flight mode" or its equivalent; that is, as long as wireless and Bluetooth are switched off and disabled.

The use of laptops is, however, prohibited during take-off and landing, with the equipment needing to be safely stored away to ensure the safety of other passengers.

It should be noted the regulations governing the use of electronic devices on board must be strictly adhered to, and that the use of such devices as walkie-talkies, portable radios, remote control toys, etc., is not allowed at any time during the flight.

This change follows a recent decision by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), which states the use of electronic devices by passengers on commercial flights is safe as long as certain measures such as switching on the "flight mode", are taken.

Source: TAP Portugal

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