The new 2014 Music Season at the Palace of Queluz

The new 2014 Music Season at the Palace of Queluz – Tempest and Galanterie – has just been announced. The artistic director will be Massimo Mazzeo, from the Portuguese Centre of 18th-Century Musical Studies (DS-CESP) and the programme for the season, which begins on 8 March, will consist of two cycles, Carnival and Autumn, involving a total of 11 concerts. Works by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Mendelssohn, among others, will be presented, in what Massimo Mazzeo describes as a “reconciliation between different atmospheres of culture, whether seen from a historical point of view or through present-day cultural programming.”

António Lamas, President of the Board of Directors of Parques de Sintra, has spoken of his satisfaction at being able to “bring 18th-century music back to the National Palace of Queluz, linking the Palace’s name to a musical season of the highest quality”, which will include such names as Ronald Brautigam, Alexander Lonquich, Thalia Ensemble, Pedro Burmester, Jos van Immerseel and the Gulbenkian Orchestra among others.

Massimo Mazzeo stresses that “the season does not seek to be speculative or populist in any way and is also intended to provide an opportunity for the presentation of new Portuguese musical ensembles, recognised for their work, as well as for the originality and intelligence of their musical proposal.”

Download the programme here.
Information:(+351) 21 923 73 00

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