Rail & Fly Portugal

Take the train to catch flights operated by TAP departing from/arriving at the Lisbon, Porto and Faro airports.

A partnership between TAP Portugal and CP Comboios de Portugal.

TAP Portugal is offering, the product “Rail&Fly Portugal”, in cooperation with CP Comboios de Portugal. This service allows any passenger who has a flight operated by TAP departing from/arriving at Lisbon, Porto or Faro airport, regardless of whether it is a regular fare ticket or an award ticket, the opportunity to purchase a CP train ticket.

This product is available for Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains and offers passengers a 20% discount on the basic fare (passengers must present a boarding pass and/or e-ticket). Passengers must also present these documents when requested to do so by the conductor in order to confirm their eligibility.

The train ticket can be purchased through by selecting the option created for this purpose or they can be purchased at the CP long distance ticket offices. The name and surname on the e-ticket must coincide with the name and surname on the ticket being purchased from CP.

Passengers who wish to use the online service must first register with CP Comboios de Portugal here.  

This service does not include transfer between the train station and the airport or vice versa, nor does it guarantee connections between the two means of transport.

Note: Additional services, such as the transport of animals or sporting equipment or special assistance to persons with reduced mobility, will only be valid in the company where they were requested. Passengers are therefore responsible for requesting the services they desire by contacting each of the carriers (TAP and CP) in order to obtain information about availability, conditions and the respective costs.

To access the Terms and Conditions of Rail&Fly Portugal, click here.

For further information about the Route Map for the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains, click here.

Source: Tap Portugal and CP

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