A Gaiola Dourada (The Gilded Cage) at Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Arte Institute is pleased to present the screening of the movie "The Gilded Cage" at Museum of Modern Art in New York City on April 12 at 4 p.m. Director Ruben Alves and actors Rita Blanco and Joaquim de Almeida will be attending.

The film is a comedy based on Portuguese emigration to France, was the most viewed film in theaters in Portugal in 2013. Ruben Alves won an audience Award at the European Awards Cinema. The film stars Rita Blanco and Joaquim de Almeida.

The screening in one of the most respected museums of modern art in the world is an initiative of the Art Institute, a nonprofit organization that promotes Portuguese culture and art. The project is also supported by the Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language.

Plot: Maria (Rita Blanco) and José (Joaquim de Almeida) emigrated from Portugal to France 30 years ago. Ever since, they have lived in modest lodgings at the street level of a chic apartment building in Paris, raising their now adult daughter and teenage son. They are universally liked around the community: Maria is the building concierge, always available, even on her day off, maintaining the high standards the inhabitants depend on. José, a building site foreman, is equally as indispensable to his boss (though both men are unaware that their son and daughter are secretly engaged). When José learns he has inherited the family winery and the couple's dream of returning to Portugal is now possible, they are elated but struggle with how to tell those around them. However, word of the big news spreads anyway, and soon their family, neighbors, friends and employers are scrambling behind the scenes to find ways to prevent them from leaving. Alves warm-hearted, cross-cultural comedy features a terrific ensemble cast, spot-on comic timing and a thoroughly appealing central couple, whose dilemmas are portrayed with great tenderness and affection. Enthusiastically embraced by audiences upon release in April this year, THE GILDED CAGE became the sleeper box office hit of the French spring, selling over 1.2 million tickets in less than five weeks.

The Arte Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes culture and showcases art from Portugal. It is a space that offers a creative environment for Portuguese artists in the field of art, literature, music, dance and film.

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